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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 44_1Date: 2020Journal Homepage

Solution and Stability of a Cubic Type Functional Equation: Using Direct and Fixed Point Methods 7 - 26
V. Govindan, S. Murthy and M. Saravanan  
AbstractKeywords: cubic functional equation; generalized Hyers-Ulam stability; fixed pointMSC: 39B52 32B72; 32B82
New Strong Differential Subordination and Superordination of Meromorphic Multivalent Quasi-Convex Functions 27 - 39
Abbas Kareem Wanas and Abdulrahman H. Majeed  
AbstractKeywords: strong differential subordination; strong differential superordination; meromorphic functions ; quasi-convex functions; admissible functionsMSC: 30C45 30A20; 34A40
On the Transmission-Based Graph Topological Indices 41 - 63
R. Sharafdini and T. Réti  
AbstractKeywords: graph distance; topological index; transmissionMSC: 05C12 05C05; 05C07; 05C90
On a New Class of Unified Reduction Formulas for Srivastava's General Triple Hypergeometric Function $F^{(3)}[x, y, z]$ 65 - 73
Yong Sup Kim, Adem Kilicman and Arjun K. Rathie  
AbstractKeywords: generalized hypergeometric function $_pF_q$; gamma function; Pochhammer symbol; beta integral; Kampé de Fériet function; Srivastava's triple hypergeometric series $F^{(3)}[x; y; z]$MSC: 33C20; 33B20 33C90; 33C05
Conservation Laws of the Time-Fractional Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers Equation 75 - 88
Azadeh Naderifard, S. Reza Hejazi and Elham Dastranj  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers equation; Riemann Liouviile derivative; Caputo fractional derivative; Lie point symmetry; fractional conservation lawsMSC: 34K37 76M60
A New Class of Laguerre-Based Generalized Hermite-Euler Polynomials and its Properties 89 - 100
N. U. Khan, T. Usman and W. A. Khan  
AbstractKeywords: hermite polynomials; Laguerre polynomials; generalized Euler polynomials; Laguerre-based generalized Hermite-Euler polynomials; summation formulae; bilateral seriesMSC: 11B68; 33C45; 33C90 33C05
On the Local Version of the Chern Conjecture: CMC Hypersurfaces with Constant Scalar Curvature in $\mathbb S^n+1$ 101 - 111
S. C. de Almeida, F. G. B. Brito, M. Scherfner and S. Weiss  
AbstractKeywords: constant mean and scalar curvature; isoparametric hypersurfaces; Chern conjectureMSC: 53C42 53C21
Two-Sided Limit Shadowing Property on Iterated Function Systems 113 - 125
M. Mohtashamipour and A. Zamani Bahabadi  
AbstractKeywords: iterated function system; two-sided limit shadowing property; totally transitive; topologically mixing; skew productMSC: 37B05 54H20
Ostrowski--Grüss Type Inequalities and a 2D Ostrowski Type Inequality on Time Scales Involving a Combination of $\Delta$-integral Means 127 - 143
Seth Kermausuor and Eze R. Nwaeze  
AbstractKeywords: Montgomery identity; Ostrowski's inequality; Ostrowski--Grüss inequality; $\Delta$-integral means; double integrals; time scalesMSC: 35A23 26E70; 34N05
Topological Hochschild $(\sigma,\tau)$-Cohomology Groups and $(\sigma,\tau)$-Super Weak Amenability of Banach Algebras 145 - 156
Abolfazl Niazi Motlagh, Maryam Khosravi and Abasalt Bodaghi  
AbstractKeywords: $(\sigma;\tau)$-derivation; $(\sigma;\tau)$-inner derivation; $(\sigma;\tau)$-amenability; $(\sigma;\tau)$-contractibility; approximate identity; Banach algebra; Banach moduleMSC: 46H25 47B47

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