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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 39_1Date: 2015Journal Homepage

Seidel Energy of Iterated Line Graphs of Regular Graphs 7 - 12
Harishchandra S. Ramane, Ivan Gutman and Mahadevappa M. Gundloor  
AbstractKeywords: Seidel spectrum; Seidel energy; line graph; regular graphMSC: 05C50; 05C07
Soft Rough Lattice 13 - 20
Sankar Kumar Roy and Susanta Bera  
Pullback Diagram of Hilbert Modules Over $H^*$-Algebras 21 - 30
M. Khanehgir, M. Amyari and M. Moradian Khibary  
AbstractKeywords: $H^*$-algebra; morphism; Hilbert module; pullback diagram; trace-classMSC: 46L08 46L05; 46C50
On Neighbourly Irregular Graphs 31 - 39
H. B. Walikar, S. B. Halkarni, H. S. Ramane, M. Tavakoli and A. R. Ashrafi  
AbstractKeywords: Neighbourly irregular graphs; subdivision graphs; line graphs; total garphs; graph productsMSC: 05C07 05C75
New Norm Inequalities of Čebyšev Type for Power Series in Banach Algebras 41 - 52
S. S. Dragomir, M. V. Boldea and M. Megan  
AbstractKeywords: Banach algebras; power series; exponential function; resolvent function; norm inequalitiesMSC: 47A63 47A99
Integral Equations Method and the Transmission Problem for the Stokes System 53 - 71
D. Medková  
AbstractKeywords: transmission problem; Stokes system; integral equation methodMSC: 35Q35 65N38
On a New Model of Nonlocal Modified Gravity 73 - 82
Jelena Grujic  
AbstractKeywords: modified gravity; nonlocal gravity; power-law cosmological solutionsMSC: 83D05 83F05; 53B50
Some Inequalities for Convex and 3-Convex Functions With Applications 83 - 91
Dan Ştefan Marinescu and Mihai Monea  
AbstractKeywords: n-convex function; inequality; Riemann integralMSC: 26A51 26D15; 26A42
Geometric and Topological Obstructions to Various Immersions in Submanifold Theory and some Related Open Problems 93 - 109
Bang-Yen Chen  
AbstractKeywords: Obstruction; $\delta$-invariants; minimal immersion; Lagrangian immersion; slant immersion; $CR$-immersion; finite type immersionMSC: 53C42 53C40
Bazilevič $P$-Valent Functions Associated With Generalized Hypergeometric Functions 111 - 120
E. El-Yagubi and M. Darus  
AbstractKeywords: Bazilevič functions; linear operator; $p$-valent functions; subordinationMSC: 30C45

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