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Inequalities for the Volume of the Unit Ball in $\ell^{n*}_p$ 107 - 116
Zhiyue Huang, Binwu He and Mengyuan Huang  
AbstractKeywords: gamma function; inequalities; psi function; unit ball; volumeMSC: 33B15;51M16;51N20
Fixed Point Property for Hyperspaces of Arboroids 117 - 128
Ivan Lončar  
AbstractKeywords: arboroid; continuum; fixed point property; inverse systemMSC: 54F15; 54F50 54B35
Multiple Integral Representation of Binomial Coefficients 129 - 137
A. Sofo  
AbstractKeywords: multiple binomial coefficients; combinatorial identities; integral representations; zeta functionMSC: 11B65 05A10;05A19;33C20;33D60
Generic Warped Product Submanifolds in a Kaehler Manifold 139 - 144
K.A. Khan, Shahid Ali and Nargis Jamal  
AbstractKeywords: warped product submanifold; Kaehler manifold; generic manifoldMSC: 53C40; 53B25
An Isomorphism Theorem for Anti-Ordered Sets 145 - 160
Daniel Abraham Romano  
AbstractKeywords: constructive mathematics; set with apartness; coequality relation; anti-order; quasi-antiorder; isotone and reverse isotone function; isomorphism theoremMSC: 03F65 03E99
On $\Delta$-Lacunary Statistical Asymptotically Equivalent Sequences 161 - 172
Metin Başarir and Selma Altundağ  
AbstractKeywords: asymptotic equivalence; statistical convergence; $\Delta$-convergence; lacunary sequenceMSC: 40B05;40H05
$\pi$-Normal Topological Spaces 173 - 181
Lutfi N. Kalantan  
AbstractKeywords: normal; $\pi$-normal; quasi-normal; $\kappa$-normal; mildly normal; almost normal; $\pi$-closed; regularly closedMSC: 54D15;54B10
On Mixed and Componentwise Condition Numbers for Hyperbolic $QR$ Factorization 183 - 192
Wei-guo Wang and Nan Hao  
AbstractKeywords: mixed; componentwise; condition numbers; hyperbolic QR factorization; J-orthogonalMSC: 15A12;65F35
New Subclass of Goodman-Type $p$-Valent Harmonic Functions 193 - 204
S. B. Joshi and N. D. Sangle  
AbstractKeywords: harmonic functions; p-valent functions; convex combination; distortion boundsMSC: 30C45 30C50;30C55
On Classes of Starlike and Convex Meromorphically Multivalent Functions Involving Coefficient Inequalities 205 - 211
Abdul Rahman S. Juma and S. R. Kulkarni  
AbstractKeywords: multivalent functions; hypergeometric functions; meromorphic functionsMSC: 30C45
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