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Some Subclasses of Meromorphic Functions 1 - 9
Mugur Acu  
AbstractKeywords: meromorphic functions; integral operatorsMSC: 30C45
Composition Operators from Bloch Type Spaces to $F(p,q,s)$ Spaces 11 - 20
Xiangling Zhu  
AbstractKeywords: composition operator; Bloch type spaces; F(p;q;s) spacesMSC: 47B35 30H05
Centers in Inserted Graphs 21 - 30
L. K. Pramanik  
AbstractKeywords: box graph; inserted graph; connected graph; center of a graphMSC: 05C12
Some Generalizatons of Almost Contra-Super-Continuity 31 - 44
Erdal Ekici  
AbstractKeywords: e-open set; e*-open set; a-open set; (e*;s)-continuous function; (e;s)-continuous function; (a;s)-continuous functionMSC: 54C08
Coincidence Points and Invariant Approximation Results on $q$-Normed Spaces 45 - 53
Hemant Kumar Nashine  
AbstractKeywords: coincidence point; invariant approximation; q-normed space; multivalued f-nonexpansive mappingMSC: 41A50; 47H10; 54H25
Warped Product Contact Cr-Submanifolds of Trans-Sasakian Manifolds 55 - 62
K. A. Khan, V. A. Khan and Sirajuddin  
AbstractKeywords: warped product; contact CR-submanifold and trans-Sasakian manifoldMSC: 53C40; 53B25
Approximating the Stieltjes Integral Via the Darst--Pollard Inequality 63 - 75
S. S. Dragomir and A. Sofo  
AbstractKeywords: Stieltjes integral; Darst-Pollard inequality; generalised trapezoid rule; Ostrowski inequalityMSC: 26D15;41A55
A Generalised Commutativity Theorem for $PK$-Quasihyponormal Operators 77 - 83
B. P. Duggal  
AbstractKeywords: Hilbert space; pk-quasihyponormal operator; generalised derivation $\delta_{AB}$; elementary operator $\triangle_{AB}$; Putnam-Fuglede theorem; numerical rangeMSC: 47B20 47B40; 47B47
On some Characterizations of Vividly and Blurly (1,2)-$\beta$-Irresolute Mappings 85 - 98
S. Athisaya Ponmani, R. Raja Rajeswari, M. Lellis Thivagar and Erdal Ekici  
AbstractKeywords: (1;2)-$\beta$-$T_2$ space; (1;2)-semi-preregular space; (1;2)-semipre-$\theta$-open set; blurly $\beta$-irresolute mapping and vividly $\beta$-irresolute mappingMSC: 54C55
On Fuzzy Generalized $\alpha$-Closed Set and Its Applications 99 - 108
Bayaz Daraby and S. B. Nimse  
AbstractKeywords: fuzzy generalized $\alpha$-closed set; fuzzy generalized r-open set; Fuzzy generalized $\alpha$-continuous function; fuzzy generalized $\alpha$closed-irresoluteMSC: 54A40; 03E72
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