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The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Real Eventually Positive Matrices 1 - 16
Jianbiao Chen and Zhaoliang Xu  
AbstractKeywords: inverse eigenvalue problem; realizing matrix; eventually positive matrix; nonnegative matrix; characteristic polynomial; Perron eigenvectorMSC: 15A48; 15A29; 15A18
On an Algorithm in $C^{1,1}$ Optimization 17 - 24
Nada I. Dj uranović-Miličić  
AbstractKeywords: directional derivative; second order dini upper directional derivative; uniformly convex functionsMSC: 90C30; 65K05
Upper Triangular Operators With Svep: Spectral Properties 25 - 37
B. P. Duggal  
AbstractKeywords: Banach space; upper triangular operator; single valued extension property; quasi-nilpotent part; spectrum; Weyl's theorem; paranormal operators; operators satisfying a growth conditionMSC: 47A10;47A66;47B20;47B35
Characterizing Hermitian, Normal and Ep Operators 39 - 54
Dragan S. Djordjević and J. J. Koliha  
AbstractKeywords: Hermitian; normal and EP operators; Moore-Penrose and group inverseMSC: 47A05; 47B15; 47B20
A Study of some Aspects of Topological Groups 55 - 65
M. R. Adhikari and M. Rahaman  
AbstractKeywords: H-space; generalized topological group; generalized topological monoid
Generalized Inversion by Interpolation 67 - 86
Predrag S. Stanimirović, Milan B. Tasić and Predrag V. Krtolica  
AbstractKeywords: Pseudoinverse; MATHEMATICA; partitioning method; polynomial matrices; symbolic computationMSC: 15A09; 68Q40
Minimal Structures, Generalized Topologies, and Ascending Systems Should Not Be Studied Without Generalized Uniformities 87 - 97
Árpád Száz  
AbstractKeywords: generalized uniformities; minimal structures; generalized topologies; ascending systemsMSC: 54E15 54A05
Some Singular Values, and Unitarily Invariant Norm Inequalities Concerning Generalized Inverses 99 - 111
P. J. Maher  
AbstractKeywords: generalized inverses; Moore-Penrose inverse; von Neumann-Schatten classes and normsMSC: 47A05; 47B10
About a Class of Metrical $N$-Linear Connections on the 2-Tangent Bundle 113 - 128
Gheorghe Atanasiu and Monica Purcaru  
AbstractKeywords: 2-tangent bundle; N-linear connection; JN-linear connection; metric structure;metric N-linear connection; metric semi-symmetric N-linear connection; transformations group; invariants; torsion; curvatureMSC: 53C05; 53C15; 53C21; 53C60; 53B05; 53B35; 53B40

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