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Rigidity of Toroid Formed by Revolution of Parallelogram 109 - 120
Ljubica S. Velimirović and Svetozar R. Rančić  
AbstractKeywords: infinitesimal bending; infinitesimal deformation; rigidity; toroid; parallelogramMSC: 53A05;53C45
On some Close to Convex Functions With Negative Coefficients 121 - 131
Mugur Acu and Irina Dorca  
AbstractKeywords: close to convex functions with negative coefficients; integral operators; generalized Salagean operatorMSC: 30C45
Estimation in Real Data Set by Split-Arch Model 133 - 152
Vladica Stojanović and Biljana Popović  
AbstractKeywords: split-ARCH model; estimation; extrapolation; stationarity; volatilityMSC: 62M10;91B84
Divergent CesÀro Means of Fourier Expansions With Respect to Polynomials Associated With the Measure $(1-x)^\alpha(1+x)^\beta+M\Delta_{-1}$ 153 - 160
Bujar Xh. Fejzullahu  
AbstractKeywords: Koornwinder's Jacobi-type polynomials; Cesaro meanMSC: 42C05; 42C10
Orbits Tending to Infinity Under Sequences of Operators on Hilbert Spaces 161 - 171
Sonja Mančevska and Marija Orovčanec  
AbstractKeywords: approximate point spectrum; Hilbert space; sequences of operators; orbits tending to infinityMSC: 47A05 47A25;47A60
On Univalent Functions With Negative Coefficients by Using Generalized SÂlÂgean Operator 173 - 184
Abdul Rahman S. Juma and S. R. Kulkarni  
AbstractKeywords: univalent functions; Starlike function; Salagean operator; integral operator; distortion theorem; Hadamard productMSC: 30C45
On Nonlinear Discontinuous Two-Point Boundary Value Problems for Third Order Differential Equations 185 - 197
M. S. N. Murty and G. Suresh Kumar  
AbstractKeywords: existence; uniqueness; maximal (minimal) weak solutions; differential inequalities; two-point boundary value problemsMSC: 34A10; 34B15
Weak and Strong Form of $\widetilde g$-Irresolute Functions 199 - 209
S. Jafari and N. Rajesh  
AbstractKeywords: topological spaces; $\widetilde g$-open sets; $\widetilde g$-irresolute functionsMSC: 54C10; 54C08; 54C05
A Common Fixed Point Theorem Using Implicit Relation and Property (E.A) in Metric Spaces 211 - 234
H. K. Pathak, Rosana Rodríguez-López and R. K. Verma  
AbstractKeywords: compatible mappings; implicit relation; noncompatible mappings; property (E.A); weakly compatible mappingsMSC: 47H10;54H25
Infinitesimal Deformations of Basic Tensor in Generalized Riemannian Space 235 - 242
L. S. Velimirović, S. M. Minčić and M. S. Stanković  
AbstractKeywords: infinitesimal deformation; non-symmetric affine connection; Lie derivative; geometric objectMSC: 53C25;53A45;53B05
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