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Quasi-Nearly Subharmonic Functions and Conformal Mappings 243 - 249
Vesna Kojić  
AbstractKeywords: subharmonic; quasi-nearly subharmonic; and regularly oscillating functions; Koebe's theoremsMSC: 31B05; 31B25 31C05
On Green Function for the Free Particle 251 - 260
D. Dimitrijević, G. S. Djordjević and Lj. Neˇsić  
AbstractKeywords: p-adic nubers; free relativistic particle; Green functionMSC: 12H25;34B27;11E95;83F05
Almost Convergence and some Matrix Transformations 261 - 266
Qamaruddin and S. A. Mohiuddine  
AbstractKeywords: Banach limit; almost convergence; matrix transformationMSC: 40C05;40H05
A General Fixed Point Theorem for Converse Commuting Multivalued Mappings in Symmetric Spaces 267 - 271
Valeriu Popa  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed point; converse commuting multivalued mappings; symmetric space; implicit relationMSC: 47H10; 54H25
Intuitionistic Fuzzy Contra Strong Precontinuity 273 - 284
Biljana Krsteska and Erdal Ekici  
AbstractKeywords: intuitionistic fuzzy topology; intuitionistic fuzzy contra strongly precontinuous mappingMSC: 54A40
A Trust Region Algorithm for $LC^1$ Unconstrained Optimization 285 - 290
Nada Dj uranović-Miličić  
AbstractKeywords: directional derivative; second order Dini upper directional derivative; uniformly convex functions; trust region algorithmMSC: 65K05; 90C30
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