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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 12_2Date: 2015Journal Homepage

Multimedia Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks 801 - 821
Kyoungsoo Bok, Eunkyung Ryu, Junho Park, Jaijin Jung and Jaesoo Yoo  
AbstractKeywords: wireless sensor; multimedia data; congestion control; dynamic regionMSC: 68M10 68M20
TDCM: An IP Watermarking Algorithm based on Two Dimensional Chaotic Mapping 823 - 841
Wei Liang, Keshou Wu, Yong Xie and Jiajun Duan  
AbstractKeywords: IP watermarking; controllable secure threshold; two dimensional chaotic mapping; RobustMSC: 68P30 65P20
Detecting Overlapping Community in Complex Network Based on Node Similarity 843 - 855
Zuo Chen, Mengyuan Jia, Bing Yang and Xiaodong Li  
AbstractKeywords: complex network; community structure; node similarity; modularityMSC: 68T10 91D30
On the Security Enhancement of Integrated Electronic Patient Records Information Systems 857 - 872
Muhammad Khurram Khan, Ankita Chaturvedi, Dheerendra Mishra and Saru Kumari  
AbstractKeywords: remote user authentication; smart card; password; electronic patient records information systemsMSC: 68M11 94A60
A Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Differential Evolution Particle Swarm Optimization Fuzzy C-Means Clustering 873 - 893
Jiansheng Liu and Shangping Qiao  
AbstractKeywords: differential evolution particle swarm optimization; fuzzy c-means clustering; image segmentation; HSI color spaceMSC: 68T10 62H30
A Connectivity Monitoring Model of Opportunistic Sensor Network Based on Evolving Graph 895 - 909
Jian Shu, Shandong Jiang, Qun Liu, Linlan Liu and Xiaotian Geng  
AbstractKeywords: connectivity monitoring model; opportunistic sensor network; evolving graphMSC: 68M10 94C15
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