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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 11_4Date: 2014Journal Homepage

Modular Polymorphic Defunctionalization 1417 - 1434
Georgios Fourtounis, Nikolaos S. Papaspyrou and Panagiotis Theofilopoulos  
AbstractKeywords: defunctionalization, separate compilation, polymorphism, HaskellMSC: 68N20 68N18
A Team-Based Scheduling Model for Interfacing Or-Parallel Prolog Engines 1435 - 1454
João Santos and Ricardo Rocha  
AbstractKeywords: Prolog, or-parallelism, environment copying, schedulingMSC: 68N17 68W10
XML to Annotations Mapping Definition with Patterns 1455 - 1477
Milan Nosál and Jaroslav Porubän  
AbstractKeywords: Mapping Patterns, Language Design, Source Code Annotations, Attribute-oriented Programming, XML
Sequencing Educational Resources with Seqins 1479 - 1497
Ricardo Queiros, José Paulo Leal and José Campos  
AbstractKeywords: e-learning, educational resources, sequencing, interoperabilityMSC: 97U50 68U35
Language Abstractions For Low Level Optimization Techniques 1499 - 1514
Gergely Dévai, Zoltán Gera and Zoltán Kelemen  
AbstractKeywords: Optimization, bitvector, SIMDMSC: 68N19 68N20
Extracting Business Vocabularies from Business Process Models: SBVR and BPMN Standards-based Approach 1515 - 1535
Tomas Skersys, Kestutis Kapocius, Rimantas Butleris and Tomas Danikauskas  
AbstractKeywords: SBVR, BPMN, business vocabulary, business process model, model-to-model transformationMSC: 68N19 68T30
Optimization of server performance in the CMX educational MMORPG for Computer Programming 1537 - 1553
Christos Malliarakis, Maya Satratzemi and Stelios Xinogalos  
AbstractKeywords: MMORPG server optimization, networked game, MMORPG delay, educational game, computer programmingMSC: 68M20 97U50
Semantic Representation of Multi-platform 3D Content 1555 - 1580
Jakub Flotyński and Krzysztof Walczak  
AbstractKeywords: 3D web, semantic web, 3D content, multi-platform, ontologyMSC: 68T30 68M11
Concatenated Digital Watermarking System Robust to Different Removal Attacks 1581 - 1594
Valery Korzhik, Guilermo Morales-Luna, Alexander Kochkarev and Dmitriy Flaxman  
AbstractKeywords: Error correction codes, image processing, tracing traitors, watermarkingMSC: 68P30 68U10
Reliability and Data Density in High Capacity Color Barcodes 1595 - 1615
Marco Querini and Giuseppe F. Italiano  
AbstractKeywords: color, classification, barcodeMSC: 68U10 62H30
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