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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 6_2Date: 2009Journal Homepage

Extensible Java EE-Based Agent Framework and Its Application on Distributed Library Catalogues 2 - 28
Milan Vidaković, Branko Milosavljević, Zora Konjović and Goran Sladić  
AbstractKeywords: agent framework, Java EE, plug-in, extensible, library catalogue.MSC: 68T42 68U35
Integrated Product Ontologies for Inter-Organizational Networks 29 - 46
Milan Zdravković and Miroslav Trajanović  
AbstractKeywords: semantic web, product classification system, product ontology, inter-organizational network, supply chain managementMSC: 68T30 68M10
Model Transformations to Bridge Concrete and Abstract Syntax of Web Rule Languages 47 - 85
Milan Milanović, Dragan Gašević, Adrian Giurca, Gerd Wagner, Sergey Lukichev and Vladan Devedžić  
AbstractKeywords: rules, MDE, syntax, transformations, languages, R2ML, OCL, SWRL.MSC: 68T27 68M11
A Call Detail Records Data Mart: Data Modelling and OLAP Analysis 87 - 110
Dragana Ćamilović, Dragana Bečejski-Vujaklija and Nataša Gospić  
AbstractKeywords: Data Warehousing, Data Modelling, Call Detail Records, OLAP.MSC: 6207 94A99
Applying electronic documents in development of the healthcare information system in the Republic of Serbia 111 - 126
Marina Jovanović Milenković, Zoran Radojičić, Dejan Milenković and Dragan Vukmirović  
AbstractKeywords: Healthcare system, E-health, Electronic Healthcare Documentation system, patient’s health.MSC: 68U35 92C50
An Approach to Fuzzy Database Querying, Analysis and Realisation 127 - 140
Miroslav Hudec  
AbstractKeywords: SQL, fuzzy queries, fuzzy generalised logical condition.MSC: 68P15 03E72
The Adaptive Fuzzy Designed PID Controller using Wavelet Network 141 - 163
Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary, Walid Emar and Musbah J. Aqel  
AbstractKeywords: Wavelet network, fuzzy logic, PID controller.MSC: 93C42 68T05
Microarray Missing Values Imputation Methods: Critical Analysis Review 165 - 190
Mou'ath Hourani and Ibrahiem M. M. El Emary  
AbstractKeywords: Completely at random (MCAR), Missing At Random (MAR), Sequential K-Nearest Neighbors (SKNN), Gene Ontology (GO), Singular Value Decomposition (SVD), Least Squares Imputation (LSI), Local Least Square Imputation (LLSI), Bayesian Principal Component Analysis (BPCA) and Fixed Rank Approximation Method (FRAA).MSC: 92D10 6207
Applications GeoGebra into Teaching Some Topics of Mathematics at the College Level 191 - 203
Ljubica Diković  
AbstractKeywords: GeoGebra, college mathematics, creative environment, didactic experiment.MSC: 97U50 97I40
A Supervised Manifold Learning Method 205 - 215
Zuojin Li, Weiren Shi, Xin Shi and Zhi Zhong  
AbstractKeywords: Manifold learning, Locally Linear Embedding, fisher subspace, manifold perception.MSC: 68T10 68U10
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