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Front Page Bulletin of International Mathematical Virtual InstitutePublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 2303-4874Issue: 3_1Date: 2013Journal Homepage

Some Remarks About $R$-Labelings of Posets 1 - 6
Duško Jojić  
AbstractKeywords: R-labeling; flag h-vector; order complexMSC: 06A07
Equitable Edge Domination in Graphs 7 - 13
Anwar Alwardi and N. D. Soner  
AbstractKeywords: equitable edge dominating set; equitable edge domatic number; equitable edge domination number.MSC: 05C69
The equitable associate signed graphs 15 - 20
P. Siva Kota Reddy and Reddy Misra  
AbstractKeywords: signed graphs; balance; switching; complement; equitable associate signed graph; negationMSC: 05C22
A note on the equitable covering and equitable packing of a graph 21 - 27
K. M. Dharmalingam  
AbstractKeywords: equitable covering number; equitable packing number and equitable full number
Finitely quasi-conjugative relations 29 - 34
Daniel A. Romano and Milovan Vinčić  
AbstractKeywords: quasi-conjugative relations; finitely quasi-conjugative relationsMSC: 03E02; 06A11; 20M20
Heat transfer on MHD viscous flow over a stretching sheet with prescribed heat flux 35 - 47
A. Adhikari and D. C. Sanyal  
AbstractKeywords: Boundary layer viscous flow; heat transfer; permeable stretching sheet; surface heat flux; similarity transformations; Keller-box methodMSC: 76W05; 76S05
Inequalities involving certain bivariate means 49 - 57
Edward Neuman  
AbstractKeywords: logarithmic mean; Seiffert means; Neuman-Sándor mean; Wilker and Huygens type inequalitiesMSC: 26E60; 26D07; 26D05
Explicit version of Worley's theorem in diophantine approximations 59 - 68
Bernadin Ibrahimpašić  
AbstractKeywords: Diophantine approximations; continued fractionsMSC: 11K60; 11A55
On the energy of digraphs 69 - 76
Shariefuddin Pirzada, Mushtaq A. Bhat, Ivan Gutman and Juan Rada  
AbstractKeywords: energy (of digraph); digraph; directed graph; spectral radiusMSC: 05C20; 05C50
Complementary tree vertex edge domination 77 - 83
S. V. Siva Rama Raju, I. H. Nagaraja Rao and A. Nagaraja Narasimha Rao  
AbstractKeywords: dominating set; vertex edge dominating setMSC: 05C69
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