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Front Page Bulletin of International Mathematical Virtual InstitutePublisher: International Mathematical Virtual Institute, Banja LukaISSN: 2303-4874Issue: 2_1Date: 2012Journal Homepage

A Common Fixed Point Theorem on Two Pairs of Weakly Compatible Mappings in Menger Spaces 1 - 7
I.H. Nagaraja Rao, G. Venkata Rao and S. Rajesh  
AbstractKeywords: Menger space; t-norm; coincidence point; weakly compatible mappings; common fixed pointMSC: 47H20, 54H25
Strongly Regular Integral Circulant Graphs and Their Energies 9 - 16
Thirugnanam Tamizh Chelvam, Sekar Raja and Ivan Gutman  
AbstractKeywords: Cayley graph; integral circulant graph; strongly regular graph; graph energyMSC: 05C50, 05C25
The Average Lower Independence Number of Total Graphs 17 - 27
Aysun Aytac and Tufan Turaci  
AbstractKeywords: vulnerability; connectivity; graph theory; total graph; average lower independence numberMSC: 05C99, 68R10, 05C40, 05C69 90C27, 90B18
A New Extension of Gegenbauer Matrix Polynomials and Their Properties 29 - 42
A. Shehata  
AbstractKeywords: Hypergeometric matrix function; Hermite; Laguerre and Gegenbauer matrix polynomials; matrix recurrence relations; matrix differential equationsMSC: 33C05, 33C45, 33E20, 34A05, 15A60
Two Extensions of Steinhaus's Theorem 43 - 46
Ivan D. Aranđelović and Đorđe Krtinić  
AbstractKeywords: inequality; Lebesgue measure; Baire categoryMSC: 28A05 54E52
Eigenvalues for Iterative Systems of Nonlinear Second Order Boundary Value Problems on Time Scales 47 - 57
A. Kameswara Rao and S. Nageswara Rao  
AbstractKeywords: time scales; boundary value problem; iterative system of dynamicnequations; nonlinear; eigenvalue intervals; positive solution; coneMSC: 39A10, 34B18, 34A40
A Common Fixed Point Theorem for Six Self Maps in a Menger Space 59 - 67
I. H. Nagaraja Rao, S. Rajesh and G. Venkata Rao  
AbstractKeywords: Menger space; triangular norm; weakly compatible mappings; common fixed pointMSC: 47H20, 54H25
On Weak Convergence Theorem for Nonself $I$-Quasi-Nonexpansive Mappings in Banach Spaces 69 - 75
Pankaj Kumar Jhade and A. S. Saluja  
AbstractKeywords: fixed points; quasi-nonexpansive nonself mappings; Opial's condition; Ishikawa iteration scheme with errorMSC: 47H10 47H10
One-step iterative scheme for approximating common fixed points of three multivalued nonexpansive mappings 77 - 86
R. A. Rashwan and S. M. Altwqi  
AbstractKeywords: common fixed points; one-step iterative scheme; multivalued mappings; nonexpansive mapping; banach spacesMSC: 47H10, 54H25
Inequalities Involving Hyperbolic Functions and Trigonometric Functions 87 - 92
Edward Neuman  
AbstractKeywords: inequalities; hyperbolic functions; trigonometric functions; Schwab-Borchardt meanMSC: 26D05, 26D07
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