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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 16_2Date: 2014MathArt and e-Books

Fibonacci Counter Based on Zeckendorf's Theorem (Boolean Realization)  
Alexey Stakhov, Alexey Borisenko and Svetlana Matsenko  
AbstractKeywords: Fibonacci numbers; Zeckendorf's Theorem; Fibonacci code; Fibonacci counter; Fibonacci computersMSC: 68M15; 68M20; 68P30; 11T71; 94B60
Spirals on surfaces of revolution  
Cristian Lăzureanu  
AbstractKeywords: helix; spiral; surface of revolution; ruled surface; helicoidMSC: 14H50; 53A04; 53A05
Perception of Space in Painting  
Slavik Jablan and Ljiljana Radović  
AbstractKeywords: perception; space; perspective; visual illusions; impossible figuresMSC: 01A05; 01A10; 51A03
500 Years of Melancholia  
Dirk Huylebrouck  
AbstractKeywords: ellipse; conic section; DürerMSC: 01A40; 51N05; 53-03
Visualization of fractional calculus  
Djurdjica Takači and Lilla Korenova  
AbstractKeywords: fractional calculus; visualization; integralMSC: 26A33; 44A10; 34A08; 97U70
Concept maps in math teaching  
Zorica Marinković  
AbstractKeywords: conceptual maps; learning; knowledgeMSC: 97D40
Visual Methods in Computer-Assisted Instruction, GeoGebra software, e-materials and teachers training  
Jovana Jezdimirović  
AbstractKeywords: mathematics; visualization; teacher's trainingMSC: 97D40; 97D70

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