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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XXII_2Date: 2019Journal Homepage

Number systems characterized by their operative properties 43 - 48
Milosav M. Marjanović and Zoran Kadelburg  
AbstractKeywords: Number system; ordered semifield; characterization of number systems as the smallest ordered semifields.MSC: 97F40 : F43
Participation in online cooperative professional development: Factors to consider and activities to practice 49 - 57
Djordje M. Kadijevich  
AbstractKeywords: Computer self-concept; online collaborative professional development; perspective taking; technology innovation framework.MSC: 97C60; 97D40 : C69; D49
A short proof of Hölder's inequality using Cauchy-Schwarz inequality 58 - 60
Mohamed Akkouchi  
AbstractKeywords: Young's inequality; Cauchy-Schwarz inequality; Hölder's inequality.MSC: 97H30 : H35
A general method of proving some classical inequalities using AM-GM inequality 61 - 70
Xu Yanhui  
AbstractKeywords: Cauchy inequality; Hölder inequality; Carlson inequality.MSC: 97H30 : H35
Generalized associative and commutative laws 71 - 76
Milosav M. Marjanović  
AbstractKeywords: Associative law; Commutative law; Questions of their generalization.MSC: 97F40 : F43
New impulses for research in mathematics education 77 - 85
Jasmina V. Milinković  
AbstractKeywords: Problem solving; problem posing; assessment; representations; reformed curriculum; research methods.MSC: 97D99 : D90
Corrigenda: Bimatrix games have a quasi-strict equilibrium: an alternative proof through a heuristic approach 86 - 90
Takao Fujimoto, N. G. A. Karunathilake and Ravindra R. Ranade  
AbstractKeywords: Bimatrix game; Kakutani fixed point theorem; multivalued map; quasi-strict equilibrium.MSC: 97M40; 91A05; 91B62 : M45

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