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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XVIII_1Date: 2015Journal Homepage

Von der Klassifikation der Vierecke zum System der Vierecke 1 - 15
Joachim T. Haug and Carolin Haug  
AbstractKeywords: Classification of quadrilateralsMSC: G44 97G40
On Catalan numbers 16 - 24
Tanja Stojadinović  
AbstractKeywords: Catalan numbers; binary trees; associahedron; permutations.MSC: 97K20 K25
A simple proof of the change of variable theorem for the Riemann integral 25 - 28
Haryono Tandra  
AbstractKeywords: Change of variable theorem; Riemann integral.MSC: 97I55 I50
On-line compendium of triangle construction problems with automatically generated solutions 29 - 44
Vesna Marinković  
AbstractKeywords: Triangle construction; automatically generated solutions.MSC: 97P50 P55

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