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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 39_4Date: 2012Journal Homepage

Peristaltic transport of a two-layered fluid in a catheterized tube 291 - 311
Amit Medhavi and U. K.Singh  
AbstractKeywords: Peripheral layer; pressure drop; friction force; catheter size; amplitude ratio.MSC: 76Z05 93C35DOI: 10.2298/TAM1204291M Zbl: 1299.76321
Effect of viscosity on wave propagation in anisotropic thermoelastic medium with three-phase-lag model 313 - 341
Rajneesh Kumar, Vijay Chawla and Ibrahim A. Abbas  
AbstractKeywords: Wave propagation; Viscoelastic; Three-Phase-lag; Two-Phase-lag model; Anisotropic.MSC: 74L05 74D05DOI: 10.2298/TAM1204313K Zbl: 1299.74125
Core structure of aligned chitin fibers within the interlamellar framework extracted from Haliotis rufescens nacre. Part I: Implications for growth and mechanical response 343 - 363
Jiddu Bezares, Robert J. Asaro and Vlado A. Lubarda  
AbstractKeywords: Biomineralization; Chitin fibers; Mollusk nacre; Mollusk organic framework.MSC: 74L15DOI: 10.2298/TAM1204343B Zbl: 1299.74129
Homotopy simulation of axisymmetric laminar mixed convection nanofluid boundary layer flow over a vertical cylinder 365 - 390
M. M.Rashidi, O. Anwar Bég, N. Freidooni Mehr, A. Hosseini and R. S. R. Gorla  
AbstractKeywords: Semi-analytical solution; mixed convection; boundary-layers; vertical cylinder; nanofluid; HAM; auxiliary parameter; energy systems enhancement.MSC: 76D10DOI: 10.2298/TAM1204365R Zbl: 1299.76058

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