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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 36_4Date: 2009Journal Homepage

Unsteady natural convection flow past an accelerated vertical plate in a thermally stratified fluid 261 - 274
Rudra Kt. Deka and Bhaben Ch. Neog  
AbstractKeywords: Unsteady flow; vertical accelerated plate; thermal stratification.MSC: 76D50 76R10Zbl: 1274.76199
Lie group analysis for the effect of viscosity and thermophoresis particle deposition on free convective heat and mass transfer in the presence of suction/injection 275 - 298
K. K. Sivagnana Prabhu, R. Kandasamy and R. Saravanan  
AbstractKeywords: lie group analysis; temperature-dependent fluid viscosity; heat source/sink; thermal radiation; thermophoresis particle deposition.MSC: 70G65 80A20DOI: 10.2298/TAM0904275S Zbl: 1274.80011
An approach to analysis of dynamic crack growth at bimaterial interface 299 - 327
R. Nikolić and Jelena M. Djoković  
AbstractKeywords: Interfacial crack; dynamic crack growth; Mathematica ®MSC: 74A45 74R15DOI: 10.2298/TAM0904299NZbl: 1224.74045

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