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Front Page Review of the National Center for DigitizationPublisher: Faculty of Mathematics, BelgradeISSN: 1820-0109Issue: 13Date: 2008
This volume contains papers presented at the fourth SEEDI Conference Digitization of cultural and scientific heritage, Belgrade, Serbia, June 12-15, 2008

The making of … digital books 1 - 8
Nikola Ikonomov and Milena Dobreva  
AbstractKeywords: digitization, scanning, image processing, image enhancement, OCR
Some IT aspects of building digital libraries with learning materials 17 - 21
Pavel I. Pavlov and Maria M. Nisheva-Pavlova  
AbstractKeywords: Digital Library, Electronic Publishing, Metadata, Semantic Annotation, Ontology, Semantic Web
Selective encryption of Huffman compressed text 22 - 26
Miodrag Živković  
AbstractKeywords: selective encryption, ciphertext-only attack, randomness test
On photograph library design - Groman library 27 - 36
Saša Malkov  
AbstractKeywords: digital library, photography, design
Digitization, preservation and presentation - Serbian sound heritage 37 - 40
Vesna Aleksandrović  
AbstractKeywords: Digitization, Sound recordings, Cultural heritage, Database, Interface, Sound archive, Sound restoration
Towards Serbian national sound archives-information system for storage, access and retrieval of restored sound recordings 41 - 48
Dragoljub Pokrajac, Milan P. Milovanović and Vesna Aleksandrović  
AbstractKeywords: databases, php, postgresql, sound recordings
Digitalization of technically obsolete formats of analog sound recordings 49 - 56
Milan P. Milovanović  
AbstractKeywords: digitalization, National Library of Serbia, analog sound recordings, sound restauration
Sistory ( - ideas, problems and questions 57 - 64
Nina Vodopivec  
AbstractKeywords: digitization, research and education portal, history of Slovenia, historical material, popularization of Slovenian history, designing a history web site.
Photorealistic reconstruction and multimedia presentation of the medieval fortress in Travnik 65 - 73
Vanja Jovišić and Selma Rizvić  
AbstractKeywords: virtual heritage, cultural heritage digitalization
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