Photorealistic reconstruction and multimedia presentation of the medieval fortress in Travnik

Vanja Jovišić, Selma Rizvić

The Fortress of Old Town in Travnik represents one of the most beautiful and most preserved facilities of medieval Bosnia, on which later historical periods left their specific marks. Combining modern methods of 3D reconstruction with different methods of visualization such as making photorealistic, high-resolution renderings, video-compositing of animated sequences from 3D environment with video sequences that illustrate life in the fortress in the past, building interactive virtual environment integrated into user-friendly, multimedia interface, it was aimed to provide comprehensive user experience and raise awareness about cultural and historical importance of the reconstructed object. Paper covers all phases in creation of multimedia presentation starting with data collection, planning and design of presentation structure, modeling of the object and the environment, application of photorealistic textures, camera animation, production other planned multimedia content and combining all into final presentation form.