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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 70_1Date: 2018Journal Homepage

Local convergence of bilinear operator free methods under weak conditions 1 - 11
I. K. Argyros and S. George  
AbstractKeywords: ewton's method; bilinear operator; radius of convergence; local convergence.MSC: 49M15 74G20; 41A25
Time-like Hamiltonian dynamical systems in Minkowski space $\mathbb{r}^3_1$ and the nonlinear evolution equations 12 - 25
T. Bayrakdar and A. A. Ergin  
AbstractKeywords: Hamiltonian systems; Poisson structure; motion of curves; Minkowski space; Darboux frame; geodesic line; Hashimoto function.MSC: 37E35 53B30; 53C44; 53D17; 53Z05
Initial-boundary value problems for Fuss-Winkler-Zimmermann and Swift--Hohenberg nonlinear equations of 4th order 26 - 39
D. Kostin  
Keywords: This paper presents results of the investigation of bifurcations of stationary solutions of the Swift--Hohenberg equation and dynamic descent to the points of minimal values of the functional of energy for this equation; obtained with the use of the modification of the Lyapunov--Schmidt variation method and some methods from the theory of singularities of smooth functions. Nonstationary case is investigated by the construction of paths of descent along the trajectories of the infinite-dimensional SH dynamical system from arbitrary initial states to points of the minimum energy.MSC: 37M20 35Q99; 34K18; 34C25
Blending type approximation by Bernstein-Durrmeyer type operators 40 - 54
A. Kajla and M. Goyal  
AbstractKeywords: Stancu operators; global approximation; rate of convergence; \mbox{modulus} of continuity; Steklov mean.MSC: 41A25 26A15
New congruences for overcubic partition function 55 - 63
C. Shivashankar and M. S. Mahadeva Naika  
AbstractKeywords: Overcubic partitions; congruences; theta function.MSC: 11P83 05A15; 05A17
$\Theta\Gamma$ $N$-group 64 - 78
H. Nayak, S. P. Kuncham and B. S. Kedukodi  
AbstractKeywords: $N$-group; nearring; gamma nearring.MSC: 16Y30
Generalized Raychaudhuri's equation for null hypersurfaces 79 - 88
F. Massamba and S. Ssekajja  
AbstractKeywords: Null hypersurfaces; null horizons; Newton tranformations; mean curvature; black hole.MSC: 53C42 53C50; 53C80
Error locating codes and extended Hamming code 89 - 94
P. K. Das  
AbstractKeywords: Parity check matrix; solid burst; syndrome; EL-codes; information rate; error probability.MSC: 94B05 94B20; 94B60

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