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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 64_4Date: 2012Journal Homepage

Fixed point theorems for occasionally weakly compatible mappings in Menger spaces 267 - 274
B. D. Pant and Sunny Chauhan  
AbstractKeywords: Menger space, occasionally weakly compatible, common fixed point.MSC: 54H25 47H10
Asymptotic distribution of robust k-nearest neighbour estimator for functional nonparametric models 275 - 285
Mohammed Kadi Attouch and Tawfik Benchikh  
AbstractKeywords: Asymptotic distribution, functional data, k-nearest neighbour, robust estimation, small balls probability.MSC: 62G05 62G08 62G20 62G35
Score lists in bipartite multi hypertournaments 286 - 296
S. Pirzada  
AbstractKeywords: Hypertournaments, bipartite hypertournaments, score, losing score.MSC: 05C65
On $\pi$-images of separable metric spaces and a problem of Shou Lin 297 - 302
Tran Van An and Luong Quoc Tuyen  
AbstractKeywords: $cs^*$-network, $cs^*$-cover, $cs$-cover, $sn$-cover, separable metric space, Cauchy $sn$-symmetric, $\sigma$-strong network, compact map, $\pi$-map.MSC: 54C10 54D55 54E40 54E99
Global smoothness preservation by some nonlinear max-product operators 303 - 315
Lucian Coroianu and Sorin G. Gal  
AbstractKeywords: Max-product Bernstein approximation operator, max-product Hermite-Féjer interpolation operator, max-product Lagrange interpolation operator, Chebyshev nodes of the first and second kind, global smoothness preservation.MSC: 41A05 41A20 41A17
Harmonic starlike functions of complex order involving hypergeometric functions 316 - 325
G. Murugusundaramoorthy  
AbstractKeywords: Harmonic functions, harmonic starlike functions, hypergeometric functions, Dziok-Srivastava operator.MSC: 30C45 30C50
A note on sequence-covering $\pi$-images of metric spaces 326 - 329
Zhaowen Li and Tusheng Xie  
AbstractKeywords: Sequence-covering mappings, $\pi$-mappings, $cs$-covers, $sn$-covers, $\sigma$-strong networks, Cauchy $sn$-symmetric spaces.MSC: 54D55 54E40 54E99
Factorization of weakly compact operators between Banach spaces and Fréchet or (LB)-spaces 330 - 335
José Bonet and J. D. Maitland Wright  
AbstractKeywords: Weakly compact operators, reflexive operators, factorization, reflexive Banach spaces, (LB)-spaces, Fréchet spaces.MSC: 46A04 46A03 46A25 46B10 47B07
Ostrowski inequalities for cosine and sine operator functions 336 - 346
George A. Anastassiou  
AbstractKeywords: Ostrowski inequality, Cosine operator function, Sine operator function.MSC: 26D99 47D09 47D99
Finite dimensions defined by means of $m$-coverings 347 - 360
Vitaly V. Fedorchuk  
AbstractKeywords: Dimension, dimension $(m,n)\text{-}x{\rm dim}$, metrizable space, hereditarily normal space.MSC: 54F45

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