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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 40_1Date: 2016Journal Homepage

Concircular Vector Fields and Pseudo-Kaehler Manifolds 7 - 14
Bang-Yen Chen  
AbstractKeywords: Pseudo-Kaehler manifold; concircular vector field; concurrent vector fieldMSC: 53C55 53B30; 53B35
New Weighted Integral Inequalities for Twice Differentiable Convex Functions 15 - 33
M. Z. Sarikaya and S. Erden  
AbstractKeywords: Hermite-Hadamard inequality; Ostrowski inequality; Trapezoid inequality; convex function; Hölder inequality; Rieman-Liouville integralsMSC: 26D07 26D15
On the Characterization of a Class of Four Dimensional Matrices and Steinhaus Type Theorems 35 - 45
M. Yeşi̇lkayagi̇l and F. Başar  
AbstractKeywords: Double sequence; double series; Pringsheim convergence; Steinhaus type theorems; matrix transformationsMSC: 40C05
On Parallel Ruled Surfaces in Galilean Space 47 - 59
M. Dede and C. Ekici  
AbstractKeywords: Parallel surfaces; Galilean space; ruled surfacesMSC: 53A35 53Z05
Direct Limit Derived from Twist Product on $\Gamma$-Semihypergroups 61 - 72
S. Ostadhadi-Dehkordi  
AbstractKeywords: $\Gamma$-semihypergroup; left(right) $(\Delta;G)$-set; twist product; push out system; direct system; direct limitMSC: 20N15
On a Conjecture of Harmonic Index and Diameter of Graphs 73 - 78
J. Amalorpava Jerline and L. Benedict Michaelraj  
AbstractKeywords: Harmonic index; diameter; unicyclic graph.MSC: 05C07 05C12
Extremal Energy of Digraphs with Two Linear Subdigraphs 79 - 89
Rashid Farooq, Mehtab Khan and Yasir Masood  
AbstractKeywords: Energy of a digraph; bicyclic digraphs; linear subdigraphs.MSC: 05C35; 05C50
On $\beta$-absolute Convergence of Vilenkin-Fourier Series with Small Gaps 91 - 104
Bhikha Lila Ghodadra  
AbstractKeywords: Hölder's inequality; Jensen's inequality; Wiener-Ingham inequality; function of generalized bounded fluctuation; Vilenkin-Fourier series; $\beta$-absolute convergence; lacunary series with small gapsMSC: 42C10 26D15; 43A25; 43A40; 43A75
Note About Asymptotic Behaviour of Positive Solutions of Superlinear Differential Equation of Emden-Fowler Type at Zero 105 - 112
Marija Mikić  
AbstractKeywords: Superlinear Emden-Fowler differential equation; asymptotic behavior of solutions; asymptotic equivalence.MSC: 34E10 34C41
Inequalities for the Polar Derivative of a Polynomial with Restricted Zeros 113 - 124
Ahmad Zireh and Mahmood Bidkham  
AbstractKeywords: Polynomial; inequality; maximum modulus; polar derivative; restricted zeros.MSC: 30A10 30C10; 30D15
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