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Front Page Kragujevac Journal of MathematicsPublisher: Prirodno-matematički fakultet Kragujevac, KragujevacISSN: 1450-9628Issue: 38_1Date: 2014Journal Homepage

The Laplacian Spectrum of Corona of Two Graphs 163 - 170
Qun Liu  
AbstractKeywords: Laplacian matrix, Laplacian spectrum, Corona, Edge corona, Kronecker productMSC: 05C12
The Harmonic Index of Unicyclic Graphs with Given Matching Number 173 - 183
Jian-bo Lv, Jianxi Li and Wai Chee Shiu  
AbstractKeywords: Harmonic index, Matching number, Unicyclic graphMSC: 05C12 92E10
Homothetic Functions with Allen's Perspective and Its Geometric Applications 185 - 194
M. E. Aydin and M. Ergut  
AbstractKeywords: Homothetic production function, Allen's elasticity of substitution, Generalized Cobb-Douglas production function, Generalized ACMS production functionMSC: 91B38 15A15 53B25
On Some Sequence Spaces of Non-Absolute Type 195 - 202
Sinan Ercan and Ciğdem A. Bektaş  
AbstractKeywords: Sequence spaces of non-absolute type, BK-spaces, Difference Sequence SpacesMSC: 46A45 46B20
Odd Sum Labling of Some Subdivision Graphs 203 - 222
S. Arockiaraj, P. Mahalakshmi and P. Namasivayam  
AbstractKeywords: Odd sum labeling, Odd sum graphsMSC: 05C78
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