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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 15_1Date: 2018Journal Homepage

Context-sensitive Constraints for Access Control of Business Processes 1 - 30
Gordana Milosavljević, Goran Sladić, Branko Milosavljević, Miroslav Zarić, Stevan Gostojić and Jelena Slivka  
AbstractKeywords: constraints; separation of duty; access control; context-sensetive; business processMSC: 90C35 68U35
An approach to business process simulation using mined probabilistic models 31 - 50
Titas Savickas and Olegas Vasilecas  
AbstractKeywords: Probabilistic business process model; Business process simulation; Simulation model generation; Process miningMSC: 68N19 62H30
A Novel Inheritance Mechanism for Modeling Knowledge Representation Systems 51 - 78
Marek Krótkiewicz  
AbstractKeywords: knowledge representation; databases; modeling theory; inheritance; Association-Oriented Database Metamodel; Semantic Knowledge Base; objectoriented modelMSC: 68T35 68T30
Traditionalisation of Agile Processes: Architectural Aspects 79 - 109
Predrag Matkovic, Mirjana Maric, Pere Tumbas and Marton Sakal  
AbstractKeywords: software process models; agile process; software architecture modeling; scaling up agile processesMSC: 68N19 68N30
Prevention of Cross-update Privacy Leaks on Android 111 - 137
Beumjin Cho, Sangho Lee, Meng Xu, Sangwoo Ji, Taesoo Kim and Jong Kim  
AbstractKeywords: Android; Privacy; Information flow; PermissionMSC: 68N25 68M11
Evaluation of Takagi-Sugeno-Kang fuzzy method in entropy-based detection of DDoS attacks 139 - 162
Miodrag Petkovic, Ilija Basicevic, Dragan Kukolj and Miroslav Popovic  
AbstractKeywords: Network security; Fuzzy neural networks; Distributed denial of service attacks; Intrusion detection; Takagi-Sugeno-Kang modelMSC: 68M11 68T10
CSDSM: Cognitive Switch-based DDoS Sensing and Mitigation in SDN-driven CDNi Word 163 - 185
Nishat I Mowla, Inshil Doh and Kijoon Chae  
AbstractKeywords: SDN; CDN; CDNi; DDoS; Flash Crowd; Machine Learning; Support Vector Machine; Logistic RegressionMSC: 68M11 62H30
HMC-ReliefF: Feature Ranking for Hierarchical Multi-label Classification 187 - 209
Ivica Slavkov, Jana Karcheska, Dragi Kocev and Sašo Džeroski  
AbstractKeywords: feature selection; feature ranking; structured data; hierarchical multilabel classification; ReliefFMSC: 68T10 62H30
Forecasting Stock Index with Multi-objective Optimization Model Based on Optimized Neural Network Architecture Avoiding Overfitting 211 - 236
Zhou Tao, Hou Muzhou and Liu Chunhui  
AbstractKeywords: neural network architecture; RMSE; TEV; multi-objective optimized model; overfitting; instabilityMSC: 68T10 62M45
Black Box Delay Fault Models for Non-scan Sequential Circuits 237 - 256
Eduardas Bareisa, Vacius Jusas, Kestutis Motiejunas, Liudas Motiejunas and Rimantas Seinauskas  
AbstractKeywords: sequential non-scan circuit; functional test; black box delay fault modelMSC: 94C12 68M15

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