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Front Page Computer Science and Information SystemsPublisher: ComSIS Consortium, Novi SadISSN: 1820-0214Issue: 13_2Date: 2016Journal Homepage

Fast Multicast Scheme with Secure Network Coding in Cloud Data Centers 531 - 545
Kaixiang Huang, Yue Chen, Hongyong Jia, Julong Lan, Xincheng Yan and Zhiwei Wang  
AbstractKeywords: cloud data center; multicast; secure network coding; software-defined networksMSC: 68M11 68P25
Reliability-Based Controller Placement Algorithm in Software Defined Networking 547 - 560
Jiang Liu, Juan Liu and Renchao Xie  
AbstractKeywords: controller placement; reliability optimization; clustering algorithm; greedy algorithm; reliability factorMSC: 68M10 68M15
Learn to Human-level Control in Dynamic Environment Using Incremental Batch Interrupting Temporal Abstraction 561 - 577
Yuchen Fu, Zhipeng Xu, Fei Zhu, Quan Liu and Xiaoke Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: hierarchical reinforcement learning; option; reinforcement learning; online learning; dynamic environmentMSC: 68T05 68T20
Design of Online Double Auction Mechanism for Aging Sensitive Commodity 579 - 592
Xiaolong Ma, Yonghui Dai, Ziyi Wang and Lanjuan Liu  
AbstractKeywords: Aging sensitive commodity; online mechanism design; double auction payment allocationMSC: 91B26 68T20
Routing Optimization for Server-Centric Data Center Networks 593 - 608
Huanzhao Wang, Kun Qian, ChengChen Hu, Che Zhang and Yadong Zhou  
AbstractKeywords: server-centric; data center; routing optimizationMSC: 68M10 68M20
A Robust Low-overhead Watermarking for Field Authentication of Intellectual Property Cores 609 - 622
Jing Long, Dafang Zhang, Chen Zuo, Jiajun Duan and Weihong Huang  
AbstractKeywords: FPGA; IP protection; low-overhead; location mapping; correctingMSC: 68P30 94A62
A Two-step MF Signal Acquisition Method for Wireless Underground Sensor Networks 623 - 638
Wei Liang, Yong Xie, Xuhui Chen, Osama Hosam and Xiaoyan Chen  
AbstractKeywords: acquisition; spread spectrum; signal processing; wireless communication; underground sensor networksMSC: 68M10 68M15
A Mechanism Achieving Low Latency for Wireless Datacenter Applications 639 - 658
Tao Huang, Jiao Zhang and Yunjie Liu  
AbstractKeywords: datacenter network; latency; ECN; priority based schedulingMSC: 68M10 68M20
An Anomaly Detection on the Application-Layer-Based QoS in the Cloud Storage System 659 - 676
Dezhi Han, Kun Bi, Bolin Xie, Lili Huang and Ruijun Wang  
AbstractKeywords: cloud storage system; application layer anomaly detection; quality of service for I/O request; hidden semi-Markov modelMSC: 68M15 90C40
K Maximum Probability Attack Paths Dynamic Generation Algorithm 677 - 689
Kun Bi, Dezhi Han and Jun Wang  
AbstractKeywords: attack path; attack graph; K shortest paths; system security; network securityMSC: 68M15 68M20
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