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Front Page Yugoslav Journal of Operations ResearchPublisher: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, BelgradeISSN: 0354-0243Issue: 21_1Date: 2011Journal Homepage

System Theoretic Approach to Sustainable Development Problems 1 - 10
Vladan Batanović, Slobodan Guberinić and Radivoj Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: Sustainability, sustainable development, systems approach, multiple criteria optimization.MSC: 93-99, 90-99.DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101001B
On-Line Computation and Maximum-Weighted Hereditary Subgraph Problems 11 - 28
Marc Demange, Bernard Kouakou and Eric Soutif  
AbstractKeywords: On-line algorithms, hereditary property, independent set, competitive ratio.MSC: 68Q25, 68W40, 90C27, 90C35DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101011D
A Production-Inventory Model for a Deteriorating Item With Shortage and Time- Dependent Demand 29 - 45
S. Khanra and K. S. Chaudhuri  
AbstractKeywords: Production inventory model, time-dependent demand, deteriorating item.MSC: 90B05DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101029K
An Integrated Supply Chain Model for the Perishable Items With Fuzzy Production Rate and Fuzzy Demand Rate 47 - 64
Chaman Singh and S.R. Singh  
AbstractKeywords: Fuzzy numbers, fuzzy demand, fuzzy production, integrated supply chain.MSC: 90B30DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101047S
Bandwidth Allocation and Pricing Problem for a Duopoly Market 65 - 78
Peng-Sheng You, Chun-Chieh Lee and Yi-Chih Hsieh  
AbstractKeywords: Duopoly market; equilibrium price; service quality; bandwidth allocation.MSC: 91B24DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101065Y
Convex Polyhedra With Triangular Faces and Cone Triangulation 79 - 92
Milica Stojanović and Milica Vučković  
AbstractKeywords: Triangulation of polyhedra, minimal triangulation, graph algorithms, abstract data type of graph.MSC: 52C17, 68R10, 52B05, 05C85, 68P05, 68Q65DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101079S
Solving the Two-Dimensional Packing Problem With m-M Calculus 93 - 102
Aleksandar Savić, Tijana Šukilović and Vladimir Filipović  
AbstractKeywords: Key words: Non-linear optimization, m-M calculus, two dimensional packing.MSC: 90C30, 90C56DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101093S
Return Distribution and Value at Risk Estimation for Belex15 103 - 118
Dragan Đorić and Emilija Nikolić-Đorić  
AbstractKeywords: Value at risk, return distributions, Kupiec test, BELEX15.MSC: 91B30, 62E99, 60G70.DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101103D
Toward Optimal Feature Selection Using Ranking Methods and Classification Algorithms 119 - 135
Jasmina Novaković, Perica Strbac and Dusan Bulatović  
AbstractKeywords: Feature selection, feature ranking methods, classification algorithms, classification accuracy.MSC: 90B50, 62C99DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101119N
Managing the Exploitation Life of the Mining Machinery for an Unlimited Duration of Time 137 - 149
Slobodan Vujić, Radoslav Stanojević, Vencislav Ivanov, Borislav Zajić, Igor Miljanović, Svetomir Maksimović, Stefko Boševski, Tomo Benović and Marjan Hudej  
AbstractKeywords: Bucket wheel excavators, exploitation life of machinery, optimization, operation sresearch, theory of replacement, dynamic programming.MSC: 90C39DOI: 10.2298/YJOR1101137V

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