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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 4_1Date: 2002MathArt and e-Books

Art Elements in Fractal Constructions  
Ljubiša M. Kocić  
AbstractMSC: 28A80
Visualization of the Lobachevskian Plane  
Ilija Knezević, Radmila Sazdanović and Srdjan Vukmirović  
MSC: 51M10
A Software for the Visualisationof Differential Geometry  
Eberhard Malkowsky Vesna Veličković  
AbstractMSC: 00A66
Amodal completion in visual perception  
Slobodan Marković  
AbstractMSC: 00A66
Reconstruction of Ornaments  
Ljiljana Radović  
MSC: 20H15
Visualization of the Reaction Zone Spreading for an Alumothermic (Redox) Reaction  
Liljana Stefanovska, Toma Grcev and Sonja Gegovska-Zajkova  
AbstractMSC: 80A50
Of an Iterative Procedure for Solving the Optimization Problem into an Ellipsoid  
Liljana Stefanovska, Beti Andonovic and Sonja Gegovska-Zajkova  
AbstractMSC: 49J99
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