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Front Page VisMathPublisher: Mathematical Institute SASA, BelgradeISSN: 1821-1437Issue: 4_1Date: 2002MathArt and e-Books

m-Canonic Mirror Curves  
Paulus Gerdes  
AbstractMSC: 01A07
Gallery of rhombic polyhedra  
Izidor Hafner, Tomislav Zitko and Borut Jurcic-Zlobec  
MSC: 52B10
Non-linear Fractal Interpolating Functions  
R. Kobes and H. Letkeman  
AbstractMSC: 28A80
Software for Geometry  
Dr. Kurt Endl and Dr. Robert Endl  
AbstractMSC: 00A65
Modularity in Science and Art  
Slavik Jablan  
MSC: 20H15 00A66
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