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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XXV_2Date: 2022Journal Homepage

Displaying parametric curves with virtual and physical tools 61 - 73
Attila Körei and Szilvia Szilágyi  
AbstractKeywords: Hypotrochoid; Parametric equations for curves; Graphic calculator; Spirograph; LEGO robot.MSC: 97I20; 14H50 I25; U75DOI: 10.57016/TM-EHGC7743
Students' success in solving mathematical problems depending on different representations 74 - 92
Branislav Popović, Sladjana Dimitrijević, Marija Stanić and Aleksandar Milenković  
AbstractKeywords: Mathematical problem posing; representations; transition between representations.MSC: 97D50 D54DOI: 10.57016/TM-BAPU1403
Applications of logistic and generalized logistic difference equations in economics: AK model 93 - 106
Jelena Stanojević, Katarina Kukić, Nemanja Vuksanović and Dragana Draganac  
AbstractKeywords: Non-linear dynamics; logistic equation; generalized logistic equation; AK model; mathematics courses for economists.MSC: 97M40 M45DOI: 10.57016/TM-RMSH3417
Gaussian integrals depending on a quantum parameter in finite dimension 107 - 115
Simone Camosso  
AbstractKeywords: Gaussian integral; quantization; special functions; arithmetic-geometric mean.MSC: 97I50; 97I80 I55; I85DOI: 10.57016/TM-ZOVB7625
Relaxation of the sequential criteria for continuity and uniform continuity of a real function 116 - 121
Spiros Konstantogiannis  
AbstractKeywords: Continuity; uniform continuity; sequential criterion; Axiom of Choice; global continuity criterion.MSC: 97I20; 97I30 I25; I35DOI: 10.57016/TM-SBHR1144

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