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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XV_1Date: 2012Journal Homepage

An exploration of students' conceptual knowledge built in a first ordinary differential equations course (Part I) 1 - 20
Matías Camacho-Machín, Josefa Perdomo-Díaz and Manuel Santos-Trigo  
AbstractKeywords: Learning of Mathematics, the concept of ordinary differential equation, representations.MSC: 1AMS97I10 97I40 2ZDMB45 C75 I45
An approach to incorporate dynamic geometry systems in secondary school--model with module 21 - 31
Borislav Lazarov  
AbstractKeywords: Dynamic geometry, parabola.MSC: 1AMS97D40 97E50 2ZDMD44 U54
On the existence of $\lim_{x\to x_0}f(g(x))$ 33 - 42
Haryono Tandra  
AbstractKeywords: Limits, composite functions, topological spaces.MSC: 1AMS97I20 2ZDMI25
Factors that influence students to do mathematics 43 - 54
Georgios Dimakos, Ioannis Tyrlis and Ferentinos Spyros  
AbstractKeywords: Mathematics competitions, factors of motivation.MSC: 1AMS97C20 2ZDMC23
The fundamental theorem on symmetric polynomials 55 - 59
Hamza E. S. Daoub  
AbstractKeywords: Symmetric polynomials.MSC: 1AMS97H20 2ZDMH25
Zoran Pop-Stojanović (Obituary) 61 - 62
Slobodanka Janković  

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