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Front Page The Teaching of MathematicsPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 1451-4966 (Print), 2406-1077 (Online)Issue: XI_2Date: 2008Journal Homepage

The chemical formula C_{n}h_{2n+2) and its mathematical background 53 - 61
Ivan Gutman  
AbstractKeywords: Graph Theory; Trees; Chemistry; Alkanes.MSC: 05C05 05C90 K34
The role of programming paradigms in the first programming courses 63 - 83
Milena Vujošević-Janičić and Dušan Tošić  
AbstractKeywords: Programming paradigms; Programming education; First programming language.MSC: 00A35 N64
The Fibonacci sequence and the golden quadratic 85 - 91
Jose C. Iniguez and B. Argentina Iniguez  
AbstractKeywords: Fibonacci sequence, $\Phi$, Division in extreme and Mean Ratio, Golden rectangle.MSC: 00A35 I34 G44
Solving sextics by division method 93 - 96
Raghavendra G. Kulkarni  
AbstractKeywords: Sextics; reducible polynomials; reducible sextic.MSC: 00A35 H24
Fourier series and Laplace transform through tabular integration 97 - 103
Sanjay K. Khattri  
AbstractKeywords: Fourier series; Laplace transform; tabular integration.MSC: 00A35 I55

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