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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 49_1Date: 2022Journal Homepage

Auxetic metamaterials subjected to dynamic loadings 1 - 14
Georgios K. Tairidis, Ioannis Ntintakis, Georgios A. Drosopoulos, Panagiotis Koutsianitis and Georgios E. Stavroulakis  
AbstractKeywords: auxetic materials; frequency analysis; dynamic analysis; negative Poisson's ratioMSC: 74M25; 74H45; 74S05DOI:
On inelasticity of damaged quasi-rate-independent orthotropic materials 15 - 28
Milan Mićunović and Ljudmila Kudrjavceva  
AbstractKeywords: anisotropy by damage; Eshelbian implants; Vakulenko's thermodynamic timeMSC: 74C20; 74E10; 74R20; 74A15DOI:
Modelling and stability analysis of the nonlinear system 29 - 48
Mitra Vesović and Radoslav Radulović  
AbstractKeywords: applied mechanics; Hamiltonian function; holonomic system; nonlinear systems; stability of undisturbed and disturbed motionMSC: 70E50; 70E55; 70F20; 70H03; 70H05; 70H14DOI:
A note on the MHD flow in a porous channel 49 - 60
Eduard Marušić-Paloka and Igor Pažanin  
AbstractKeywords: MHD flow; porous medium flow; periodic rugosities; flow inertia; asymptotic analysisMSC: 76W05; 35B25; 35B40DOI:
Symmetries and stability of motions in the Newtonian and the Hookean potentials 61 - 69
Christian Carimalo  
AbstractKeywords: classical mechanics; dynamical symmetry; Bertrand's theorem; Kepler problemMSC: 70G65; 70F05DOI:
Stability of solution for Rao-Nakra sandwich beam model with Kelvin-Voigt damping and time delay 71 - 84
Victor R. Cabanillas, Carlos Alberto Raposo and Leyter Potenciano-Machado  
AbstractKeywords: Rao-Nakra sandwich beam model; Kelvin-Voigt damping; time delay; exponential stability; semigroups theoryMSC: 35B35; 35B40DOI:
The theory of generalized micropolar thermoelastic diffusion with double porosity 85 - 109
Tarun Kansal  
AbstractKeywords: micropolar thermoelastic diffusion; pores; fissures; steady oscillationsMSC: 74A15; 74A20; 74B05; 74E10; 74F05DOI:

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