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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 48_2Date: 2021Journal Homepage

Vladimir Dragović  
In memoriam: Alexey Vladimirovich Borisov (1965--2021)  
Vladimir Dragović, Božidar Jovanović and Borislav Gajić  
In memoriam: Ilija Lukačević (1935--2020)  
Borislav Gajić and Jovo Jarić  
Noether's theorem for Herglotz type variational problems utilizing complex fractional derivatives 127 - 142
Marko Janev, Teodor M. Atanacković and Stevan Pilipović  
AbstractKeywords: Herglotz variational principle; Noether's theorem; fractional derivativesMSC: 49S05; 41A30DOI:
Towards viable flow simulations of small-scale rotors and blade segments 143 - 157
Jelena Svorcan, Aleksandar Kovačević, Dragoljub Tanović and Mohammad Sakib Hasan  
AbstractKeywords: CFD; turbulence; propeller; airfoilMSC: 76D05; 76F06; 76M12DOI:
Micropolar fluid between two coaxial cylinders (Numerical approach) 159 - 169
Duško Salemović, Aleksandar Dedić and Boško Jovanović  
AbstractKeywords: micropolar fluid; suspension flow; numerical solution; identifying solutionsMSC: 76M20DOI:
Fitted numerical scheme for singularly perturbed convection-diffusion reaction problems involving delays 171 - 186
Mesfin Woldaregay, Worku Aniley and Gemechis Duressa  
AbstractKeywords: delay differential equation; exponentially fitted scheme; uniform convergenceMSC: 65L06; 65L12; 65L15DOI:
A time-dependent metric graph with a fourth-order operator on the edges 187 - 200
I. V. Blinova, A. S. Gnedash and I. Y. Popov  
AbstractKeywords: metric graph; spectrum; time evolutionMSC: 74K10; 35G16DOI:
Tulczyjew's triplet for Lie groups III: Higher order dynamics and reductions for iterated bundles 201 - 236
Oğul Esen, Hasan Gümral and Serkan Sütlü  
AbstractKeywords: Euler-Poincaré equations; Lie-Poisson equations; higher order dynamics on Lie groupsMSC: 70H50; 70G65; 53D20; 53D17DOI:
A mixed boundary value problem of a cracked elastic medium under torsion 237 - 255
Belkacem Kebli and Fateh Madani  
AbstractKeywords: elastic medium; axisymmetric torsion; penny-shaped crack; dual integral equations; Fredholm integral equations; stress intensity factorMSC: 33C10; 34B60; 41A55; 44A05; 45B05DOI:
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