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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 47_2Date: 2020Journal Homepage

Vladimir Dragović, Borislav Gajić and Božidar Jovanović  
In memoriam: Veljko A. Vujičić (1929--2020)  
Vladimir Dragović, Borislav Gajić and Božidar Jovanović  
On rheonomic nonholonomic deformations of the Euler equations proposed by Bilimovich 155 - 168
A. V. Borisov and A. V. Tsiganov  
AbstractKeywords: rheonomic Lagrangian systems; nonholonomic mechanics; integrability by quadraturesMSC: 37J60; 70F25DOI:
On the stability and instability criteria for circulatory systems: A review 169 - 179
Ranislav M. Bulatović  
AbstractKeywords: linear system; stability; potential force; circulatory forceMSC: 70J25; 70H14DOI:
Classification of left invariant metrics on 4-dimensional solvable Lie groups 181 - 204
Tijana Šukilović  
AbstractKeywords: solvable Lie groups; left invariant metrics; metric algebra; Ricci-parallel metrics; Einstein spacesMSC: 22E25; 53B30DOI:
A brief survey of the spectral numbers in Floer homology 205 - 220
Jelena Katić, Darko Milinković and Jovana Nikolić  
AbstractKeywords: spectral numbers; Floer homologyMSC: 53D40; 57R58; 53D05DOI:
Free vibrations of planar serial frame structures in the case of axially functionally graded materials 221 - 239
Aleksandar Obradović, Slaviša Šalinić and Aleksandar Tomović  
AbstractKeywords: free vibrations; planar serial frame structures; axially functionally graded materialsMSC: 70J10; 74K10; 74H45DOI:
Robust finite-time stability of uncertain neutral nonhomogeneous fractional-order systems with time-varying delays 241 - 255
Mihailo P. Lazarević, Darko Radojević, Stjepko Pišl and Guido Maione  
AbstractKeywords: finite-time stability; neutral; fractional order; time-varying delay; perturbed systemsMSC: 93D40; 26А33DOI:
Demchenko's nonholonomic case of a gyroscopic ball rolling without sliding over a sphere after his 1923 Belgrade doctoral thesis 257 - 287
Vladimir Dragović, Borislav Gajić and Božidar Jovanović  
AbstractKeywords: nonholonimic dynamics; rolling without sliding; C. Neumann coordinates; elliptic functions; elliptic integrals; Voronec principle; regular and pseudo-regular precessions; remarkable trajectoriesMSC: 37J60; 01A60; 33E05; 01A72; 70F25; 53Z05DOI:

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