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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 47_1Date: 2020Journal Homepage

Vladimir Dragović  
Thermodynamically consistent gradient elasticity with an internal variable 1 - 17
Peter Ván  
AbstractKeywords: nonequilibrium thermodynamics; generalised continua; gradient elasticityMSC: 74A15; 74A60DOI:
Hereditariness and non-locality in wave propagation modelling 19 - 31
Dušan Zorica  
AbstractKeywords: wave equation; memory and non-local effects; distributed-order fractional model; non-local Hookean model; fractional Eringen modelMSC: 35Q79; 35R11; 80A20; 26A33DOI:
An overview of application of micromechanical models in ductile fracture analysis of welded joints 33 - 62
M. Rakin, B. Medjo, N. Gubeljak and A. Sedmak  
AbstractKeywords: micromechanical models; welded joint; fracture initiation and development; mismatchMSC: 74R20DOI:
Evolution equations of translational-rotational motion of a non-stationary triaxial body in a central gravitational field 63 - 80
Mukhtar Minglibayev, Alexander Prokopenya and Oralkhan Baisbayeva  
AbstractKeywords: non-stationary body; two-body problem; Delaunay-Andoyer osculating elements; evolution equationsMSC: 70F15; 70E20DOI:
A fractional calculus approach to metadamping in phononic crystals and acoustic metamaterials 81 - 97
Milan Cajić, Danilo Karličić, Stepa Paunović and Sondipon Adhikari  
AbstractKeywords: phononic crystals; acoustic metamaterials; dissipation; fractional viscoelasticity; dispersion relationsMSC: 34A08; 15A18DOI:
Size effects associated with skew symmetric Burgers tensor 99 - 112
A. S. Borokinni, O. O. Fadodun, O. P. Layeni, A. P. Akinola and B. A. Olokuntoye  
AbstractKeywords: Burgers tensor; flow rule; plastic distortion; polycrystalline; size effectsMSC: 74C10DOI:
Investigation of the combined effect of notch and fretting on bending fatigue 113 - 122
Quazi Md. Zobaer Shah, Md. Arefin Kowser and Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury  
AbstractKeywords: contact slip regime; fretting fatigue life; stress-strain distribution; bending loadMSC: 65-XX; 74-XXDOI:
Local existence and blow-up of solutions for coupled viscoelastic wave equations with degenerate damping terms 123 - 154
Erhan Pişkin, Fatma Ekinci and Khaled Zennir  
AbstractKeywords: local existence; blow-up; viscoelastic wave equations; degenerate dampingMSC: 35B40; 35B44; 35L05; 35L75DOI:

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