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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 44_2Date: 2017Journal Homepage

Aleksandar Bakša  
Borislav Gajić and Milan Mićunović  
On geometrization of some nonholonomic systems 133 - 140
Aleksandar Bakša  
Keywords: Chaplygin systems; affine connections; the Jacobi metricMSC: 37J60; 70F25; 53C22; 53B05DOI:
On damage tensor in linear anisotropic elasticity 141 - 154
Jovo Jarić and Dragoslav Kuzmanović  
AbstractKeywords: damage; anisotropic elasticity; elasticityMSC: 74R99DOI:
A pileup of screw dislocations against an inclined bimetallic interface 155 - 167
Vlado A. Lubarda  
AbstractKeywords: back stress; bimetallic interface; dislocation pileup; screw dislocation; stress concentrationMSC: 74B99; 74L99DOI:
The Routh theorem for mechanical systems with unknown first integrals 169 - 180
Alexander V. Karapetyan and Alexander S. Kuleshov  
AbstractKeywords: mechanical systems; first integrals; stabilityMSC: 70K20; 70E50; 70E18DOI:
A note on the complete instability of linear non-conservative undamped systems 181 - 188
Ranislav M. Bulatović  
AbstractKeywords: non-conservative system; degree of instability; complete instabilityMSC: 70J25; 70H14DOI:
(In)Compressibility and parameter identification in phase field models for capillary flows 189 - 214
M. Dehsara, H. Fu, S. Dj. Mesarović, D. P. Sekulić and M. Krivilyov  
AbstractKeywords: diffusive triple line motion; no-slip boundary condition; quasi-compressibility; computational instabilitiesMSC: 76T10DOI:
Compressible flow through solar chimneys with variable cross section - an exact solution 215 - 228
Vladan D. Djordjević and Aleksandar S. Ćoćić  
AbstractKeywords: compressible flow; solar chimney analytical solutionMSC: 76N15DOI:
Discriminantly separable polynomials and the generalized Kowalevski top 229 - 236
Vladimir Dragović and Katarina Kukić  
AbstractKeywords: the generalized Kowalevski top; discriminantly separable polynomials; separation variablesMSC: 37J35; 37K60; 70E17; 70E40; 39A10DOI:
The brachistochronic motion of a vertical disk rolling on a horizontal plane without slip 237 - 254
Aleksandar Obradović, Slaviša Šalinić and Radoslav Radulović  
AbstractKeywords: brachistochronic motion; nonholonomic constraints; Coulomb dry friction; optimal control; rolling without slipMSC: 70E18; 70Q05DOI:
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