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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 44_1Date: 2017Journal Homepage

Gérard A. Maugin  
Jovo Jarić and Milan Mićunović  
A theory of strain-gradient plasticity with effect of internal microforce 1 - 13
Adebowale Borokinni, Adegbola Akinola and Olawanle Layeni  
AbstractKeywords: microstress; divergence of plastic strain; strain gradient; flow ruleMSC: 74C10DOI:
On integrals, Hamiltonian and metriplectic formulations of polynomial systems in 3D 15 - 34
Oğul Esen, Anindya Ghose Choudhury and Partha Guha  
AbstractKeywords: Darboux integrability method; the reduced three-wave interaction problem; Rabinovich system; Hindmarsh--Rose model; oregonator model; metriplectic Structure; Nambu-Poisson bracketsMSC: 37K10; 70G45DOI:
Small oscillations of an ideal liquid contained in a vessel closed by an elastic circular plate, in uniform rotation 35 - 49
Hilal Essaouini, Larbi El Bakkali and Pierre Capodanno  
AbstractKeywords: small oscillations; plates theory; variational and operatorial methods; spectral theory; semi-groupsMSC: 74K20; 58C40; 76B03; 49R05DOI:
Plane strain problem in a rotating microstretch thermoelastic solid with microtemperatures 51 - 82
Praveen Ailawalia, Sunil Kumar Sachdeva and Devinder Singh Pathania  
AbstractKeywords: thermoelasticity; microstretch; microtemperature; rotation; normal mode analysisMSC: 74F05; 74E10; 74F10DOI:
Effects of small boundary perturbation on the MHD duct flow 83 - 101
Ulavathi Shettar Mahabaleshwar, Igor Pažanin, Marko Radulović and Francisco Javier Suárez-Grau  
AbstractKeywords: MHD flow; boundary perturbation; asymptotic analysis; nonlocal effectsMSC: 76W05; 35B25; 35C20DOI:
Billiards on constant curvature spaces and generating functions for systems with constraints 103 - 114
Božidar Jovanović  
AbstractKeywords: Dirac brackets; generating functions; ellipsoidal billiards; Heisenberg spin model; skew-hodograph mappingMSC: 37J10; 53D22; 51M05DOI:
Extended Lagrangian formalism for rheonomic systems with variable mass 115 - 132
Djordje Mušicki  
AbstractKeywords: extended Lagrangian formalism; rheonomic systems with variable mass; generalized Emmy Noether's theoremMSC: 70H03; 70F20; 70G10DOI:

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