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Front Page Theoretical and Applied MechanicsPublisher: Serbian Society of Mechanics and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, BeogradISSN: 1450-5584Issue: 42_4Date: 2015Journal Homepage

Vladimir Dragović  
Higher-order gradient elasticity models applied to geometrically nonlinear discrete systems 223 - 248
Noël Challamel, Attila Kocsis and C. M. Wang  
AbstractKeywords: elastica; post-buckling; lattice model; geometrical nonlinearity; discrete model; finite difference method; Hencky's chain; nonlocality; asymptotic expansion; gradient elasticity; higher-order differential modelMSC: 39-XX; 74-XX; 34-XX; 65-XX; 06-XXDOI: 10.2298/TAM1504223C
Minimization of dynamic joint reaction forces of the 2-DOF serial manipulators based on interpolating polynomials and counterweights 249 - 260
Slaviša Šalinić, Marina Bošković and Radovan R. Bulatović  
AbstractKeywords: serial manipulator; equimomental system; joint reaction forces; counterweightsMSC: 70E55; 70E60DOI: 10.2298/TAM1504249S
Moment closure hierarchies for rarefied gases 261 - 276
Milana Pavić-Čolić and Srboljub Simić  
AbstractKeywords: rarefied gases; moment equations; maximum entropy principleMSC: 76P05; 82C40DOI: 10.2298/TAM1504261P
Earthquake response of adjacent structures with viscoelastic and friction dampers 277 - 289
Miodrag Žigić and Nenad Grahovac  
AbstractKeywords: earthquake; fractional derivative; viscoelasticity; set-valued Coulomb friction lawMSC: 74D05 34C15DOI: 10.2298/TAM1504277Z

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