Determination of air and hydrofoil pressure coefficient by laser doppler anemometry

Slavica S. Ristić, Mirjana A. Puharić, Marina R. Kutin, Dušan Matić

Some results of experiments performed in water cavitation tunnel are presented. Pressure coefficient (Cp) was experimentally determined by Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) measurements. Two models were tested: model of airplane G4 (Super Galeb) and hydrofoil of high speed axial pump. These models are not prepared for conventional pressure measurements, so that LDA is applied for Cp determination. Numerical results were obtained using a code for average Navier-Stokes equations solutions. Comparisons between computational and experimental results prove the effectiveness of the LDA. The advantages and disadvantages of LDA application are discussed. Flow visualization was made by air bubbles.