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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 79 (93)Date: 2006Journal Homepage

More About Singular Line Graphs of Trees 1 - 12
M. C. Marino, I. Sciriha, S. K. Simić and D. V. Tošić  
AbstractKeywords: trees, line graphs, generalized line graphs, singular graphsMSC: 05C50DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693001MZbl: 1121.05073
On the Index of Cactuses With n Vertices 13 - 18
Bojana Borovićanin and Miroslav Petrović  
AbstractKeywords: cactus, bundle, index of graphMSC: 05C50DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693013BZbl: 1121.05070
Some Trees Characterized by Eigenvalues and Angles 19 - 27
Dragan Stevanović and Vladimir Brankov  
AbstractMSC: 05C50DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693019SZbl: 1121.05075
Determination of Large Families and Diameter of Equiseparable Trees 29 - 36
Zoran Stanić  
AbstractKeywords: equiseparable tree, saturation, number partition, diameterMSC: 05C05 11P81DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693029SZbl: 1121.05032
Gitterpunkte in Superkugeln 37 - 49
Ekkehard Krätzel  
AbstractKeywords: lattice points, convex bodies, super spheresMSC: 11P21DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693037KZbl: 1164.11060
Existence of Regularly and Rapidly Varying Solutions for a Class of Third Order Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations 51 - 64
Jaroslav Jaroš, Kusano Takasi and Vojislav Marić  
AbstractMSC: 34C11 34D05DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693051JZbl: 1164.34394
Markovian Black and Scholes 65 - 72
E. Omey and S. Van Gulck  
AbstractMSC: 60J20 62P05; 91B28DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693065OZbl: 1121.60080
The Method of Stationary Phase for Once Integrated Group 73 - 93
Ramiz Vugdalić and Fikret Vajzović  
AbstractKeywords: Strongly continuous group, once integrated semigroup (group), method of stationary phaseMSC: 47D03 47D62
On Curvature Characterizations of Some Hypersurfaces in Spaces of Constant Curvature 95 - 107
Katarzyna Sawicz  
AbstractKeywords: warped product, hypersurface, pseudosymmetry type condition, the Roter type equationMSC: 53B20; 53B25 53C25DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693095SZbl: 1121.53012
Common Spectral Properties of Linear Operators A and B Such That ABA=A<sup>2</sup> and BAB=B<sup>2</sup> 109 - 114
Christoph Schmoeger  
AbstractKeywords: operator equation, spectrumMSC: 47A10DOI: 10.2298/PIM0693109SZbl: 1122.47004

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