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Front Page Publications de l'Institut MathématiquePublisher: Matematički institut SANU, BeogradISSN: 0350-1302Issue: (N.S.) 93 (107)Date: 2013Journal Homepage

$L$-Ponomarev's System and Images of Locally Separable Metric Spaces 133 - 144
Tran Van An and Luong Quoc Tuyen  
AbstractKeywords: so-network, sn-network, cs-network, cfp-network, cs$^*$-network, 2-sequence-covering, 1-sequence-covering, sequence-covering, compact-covering, sequentially-quotient, msss-map, mssc-mapMSC: 54C10 54D55 54E40 54E99
Spaces With $\sigma$-Locally Finite Lindelöf sn-Networks 145 - 152
Luong Quoc Tuyen  
AbstractKeywords: weak base, sn-network, locally finite, Lindelöf, compact-covering map, compact map, mssc-mapMSC: 54E35 54E40 54D65 54E99
Some New Multidimensional Hardy-type Inequalities With Kernels Via Convexity 153 - 164
James A. Oguntuase and Philip Durojaye  
AbstractKeywords: Multidimensional Hardy type inequalities, convexity argument, general Hardy type operator, kernels, weight functionsMSC: 26D10 26D15
Some New Bitopological Notions 165 - 172
Ajoy Mukharjee  
AbstractKeywords: strongly pairwise Hausdorff, strongly pairwise regular, strongly pairwise normal, pairwise compact, strongly pairwise compact, step refinementMSC: 54E55
Blow Up Results for Fractional Differential Equations and Systems 173 - 186
Ali Hakem and Mohamed Berbiche  
AbstractKeywords: blow-up, fractional derivatives, critical exponentMSC: 58J45 26A33 35B44
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