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Front Page Review of the National Center for DigitizationPublisher: Faculty of Mathematics, BelgradeISSN: 1820-0109Issue: 43Date: 2023

Twenty Years of Virtual Library of Mathematical Faculty in Belgrade 1 - 7
Žarko Mijajlović  
AbstractKeywords: virtual library; electronic editions; history of science
Digitized Bulletin Lunjina Serbian Aromanian Society 20 - 27
Maja Nikolova  
AbstractKeywords: Aromanians; education; Lunjina; tradition; digitization.
The War Memorials in the Municipality of Crna Trava 28 - 43
Zoran Cvetković  
AbstractKeywords: First World War; Second World War; Serbia; terror; war victims; monuments.
Collections of Astronomical Problems in Serbian 44 - 49
Sonja Vidojević, Vera Prokić and Slobodan Ninković  
AbstractKeywords: astronomy contests; collections of problems.
Records in the Sky Cirrus Homogenitus and Cirrus Homomutatus 50 - 58
Nedeljko Todorović  
AbstractKeywords: aircraft tracks; meteorological conditions; cloud atlas.
Enn Tyugu: Social and Professional Background 59 - 68
Irina Krayneva, Merik Meriste and Killu Sanborn  
Communication With Ai, Communication Between Ais – Field Tests 69 - 77
Aleksandra Fostikov  
AbstractKeywords: Bing; ChatGPT 3.5 (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer); communication; civilization Artificial Intelligence (AI); Digital Humanities (DH); Perplexity; “sentient”; society.
An Italian-Serbian Sentence Aligned Parallel Literary Corpus 78 - 91
Saša Moderc, Ranka Stanković, Aleksandra Tomašević and Mihailo Škorić  
AbstractKeywords: Aligned corpus; parallel corpus; Serbian; Italian; literature.
Shanghai World Rank List of the Region in 2023 92 - 97
Gyula Mester  
AbstractKeywords: Academic Ranking of World Universities; ARWU 2023; six objective indicators and weights for ARWU.

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