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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 75_4Date: 2023Journal Homepage

Some results on scalable $K$-frames 225 - 234
S. Ramesan and K.T. Ravindran  
AbstractKeywords: frames; $K$-frames; scalable $K$-frames.MSC: 42C15; 47A63DOI: 10.57016/MV-7942HXLN
Approximation spaces via ideals and grills 235 - 246
I. Ibedou and S. E. Abbas  
AbstractKeywords: rough set; approximation space; approximation continuity; ideal approximation continuity; separation axioms; approximation connectedness; ideal approximation connectedness.MSC: 54A40; 54A05; 54A10; 03E20DOI: 10.57016/MV-FuVT2928
Equiprime fuzzy graph of a nearring with respect to a level ideal 247 - 264
B. Jagadeesha, B. S. Kedukodi and S. P. Kuncham  
AbstractKeywords: nearring; equiprime; ideal; fuzzy graph; homomorphism.MSC: 16Y30; 03E72; 16Y99DOI: 10.57016/MV-ZUXV3844
On the subtractive subsemimodule-based graph of semimodules 265 - 274
F. Esmaeili Khalil Saraei and S. Raminfar  
AbstractKeywords: Semiring; subtractive subsemimodule; partitioning subsemimodule.MSC: 16Y60; 05C753DOI: 10.57016/MV-E8296TAE
More on the generalized Pascal triangles 275 - 285
M. Etemadi and A. R. Moghaddamfar  
AbstractKeywords: generalized Pascal triangle; factorization of a matrix; Töeplitz matrix; Hankel matrix.MSC: 15A15; 15A23; 11C20DOI: 10.57016/MV-CF943QI4
Multivalued coupled coincidence point results in metric spaces 286 - 295
B. S. Choudhury, N. Metiya and S. Kundu  
AbstractKeywords: metric space; Hausdorff-Pompeiu distance; MT - functions; coupled coincidence point; coupled common fixed point.MSC: 54H10; 54H25; 47H10DOI: 10.57016/MV-SY1R1F12
Some remarks on monotonically star countable spaces 296 - 302
Y.-K. Song and W.-F. Xuan  
AbstractKeywords: star finite; monotonically star finite; star countable; monotonically star countable; star Lindel{ö}f; monotonically star Lindel{ö}f.MSC: 54D20; 54D30; 54D40DOI: 10.57016/MV-hhZV2935

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