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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 71_3Date: 2019Journal Homepage

A note on two of Vukman's conjectures 190 - 195
B. Fahid  
AbstractKeywords: von Neumann regular ring; semiprime ring; Jordan triple derivation; $(m;n)$-Jordan triple centralizer.MSC: 16E50; 16W25; 16N60; 16W99
On Lie-Yamaguti color algebras 196 - 206
A. N. Issa and P. L. Zoungrana  
AbstractKeywords: Lie color algebra; Akivis color algebra; Leibniz color algebra; Lie-Yamaguti color algebra.MSC: 17B55; 17B60; 17B99
A simple method for finding the inverse matrix of Vandermonde matrix 207 - 213
E. A. Rawashdeh  
AbstractKeywords: Vandermonde matrix; inverse of a matrix; determinant of a matrix.MSC: 11C20; 15A09; 15A15
Some properties of common Hermitian solutions of matrix equations $A_{1}XA_{1}^{*}=B_{1}$ and $A_{2}XA_{2}^{*}=B_{2}$ 214 - 229
W. Merahi and S. Guedjiba  
AbstractKeywords: Moore-Penrose inverse; matrix equation; rank; inertia; hermitian solution; submatrices.MSC: 40A05; 40A25; 45G05
Coincidence point and common fixed point results for a hybrid pair of mappings via digraphs 230 - 243
S. K. Mohanta  
AbstractKeywords: Digraph; weakly compatible mappings; point of coincidence; common fixed point.MSC: 54H25; 47H10
Remarks on almost $\eta$-solitons 244 - 249
A. M. Blaga  
AbstractKeywords: Almost solitons; linear connections.MSC: 35C08; 35Q51; 53B05
$n$-ary 2-absorbing and 2-absorbing primary hyperideals in Krasner $(m,n)$-hyperrings 250 - 262
M. Anbarloei  
AbstractKeywords: $n$-ary prime hyperideal; $n$-ary 2-absorbing hyperideal; $n$-ary 2-absorbing primary hyperideal; Krasner $(m;n)$-hyperring.MSC: 16Y99
On the vertex-edge Wiener indices of Thorn graphs 263 - 276
M. Azari  
AbstractKeywords: Topological index; thorn graph; bipartite graph; Kragujevac tree; dendrimer.MSC: 05C12; 05C76
An existence result for a class of $p$-biharmonic problem involving critical nonlinearity 277 - 283
A. Ourraoui  
AbstractKeywords: p-biharmonic; variational method; critical exponent.MSC: 35J60; 35D05; 35J20; 35J40

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