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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 66_3Date: 2014Journal Homepage

The (co)shape and (co)homological properties of continuous maps 235 - 247
Vladimer Baladze  
AbstractKeywords: Inverse system, direct system, pro-category, inj-category, shape category, coshape category, pro-group, inj-group, Čech (co)homology group, singular (co)homology group, long exact sequence of map.MSC: 54C56 55N05 55U40
On certain subclass of analytic functions defined by convolution 248 - 264
R. M. El-Ashwah, M. K. Aouf and H. M. Zayed  
AbstractKeywords: Univalent functions, subordination, Hadamard product, fractional calculus operators, integral means.MSC: 30C45
On countably nearly paracompact spaces 265 - 273
M. N. Mukherjee and Dhananjoy Mandal  
AbstractKeywords: Near paracompactness, countable near paracompactness, semi nearly normal space, regular open set, $\delta$-open set.MSC: 54D20 54D99
Global existence and boundedness of solutions for a general activator-inhibitor model 274 - 282
Said Kouachi  
AbstractKeywords: Reaction-diffusion system, global existence, Lyapunov functional.MSC: 35K45 35K57 35K45
On some new mixed modular equations involving Ramanujan's theta-functions 283 - 293
M. S. Mahadeva Naika, S. Chandankumar and M. Harish  
AbstractKeywords: Modular equations, theta-functions.MSC: 33D10 11A55 11F27
Some results on local spectral theory of composition operators on $l^p$ spaces 294 - 300
Shailesh Trivedi and Harish Chandra  
AbstractKeywords: Analytic core, composition operator, decomposability, decomposition property $(\delta)$, single valued extension property.MSC: 47A10 47A11 47B33 47B40
Trigonometric polynomial rings and their factorization properties 301 - 314
Ehsan Ullah and Tariq Shah  
AbstractKeywords: trigonometric polynomial, HFD, irreducible, wave.MSC: 13A05 13B30 12D05
A note on modular curves and fundamental units of negative norm 315 - 316
Christian Weiß  
AbstractKeywords: Hilbert modular surface, fundamental unit.MSC: 11F41 11R11
New version of property $(az)$ 317 - 322
Hassan Zariouh  
AbstractKeywords: Property $(h)$, property $(ah)$, Weyl-type theorems.MSC: 47A53 47A10 47A11
Compositions of Saigo fractional integral operators with generalized Voigt function 323 - 332
Deepa H. Nair and M. A. Pathan  
AbstractKeywords: Fractional operators, Voigt function, Whittaker transform, $_1{F}_1$-transform, Bessel function, Kampé de Fériet's function.MSC: 26A33 44A15 33C15 33C55
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