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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 61_2Date: 2009Journal Homepage

Implicit approximation methods for common fixed points of a finite family of strictly pseudocontractive mappings in Banach spaces 103 - 110
Nguyen Buong  
AbstractKeywords: Accretive operators, $q$-uniformly smooth, uniformly convex and strictly convex Banach space, proximal point algorithm, regularization.MSC: 47H17
Weighted composition operators between two $L^{p}$-spaces 111 - 118
Rajeev Kumar  
AbstractKeywords: Closed range, compact operator, measurable transformation, weighted composition operator.MSC: 47B33 46E30 47B07 46B70Zbl: 1199.47109
Equitorsion conform mappings of generalized Riemannian spaces 119 - 129
Mića S. Stanković, Ljubica S. Velimirović, Svetislav M. Minčić and Milan Lj. Zlatanović  
AbstractKeywords: Conform mapping, generalized Riemannian space, equitorsion conform mapping, equitorsion conform curvature tensor.MSC: 53B05Zbl: 1224.53030
On sequence-covering $\pi$-$s$-images of locally separable metric spaces 131 - 137
Nguyen Van Dung  
AbstractKeywords: Sequence-covering, double $cs$-cover, point-star network, $\pi$-property, $\pi$-mapping, $s$-mapping.MSC: 54D65 54E35 54E40
On a uniqueness theorem in the inverse Sturm-Liouville problem 139 - 147
Tigran N. Harutyunyan  
AbstractKeywords: Inverse Sturm-Liouville problem, uniqueness theorem, spectral data.MSC: 34L20 47E05
Subspaces of cs-starcompact spaces 149 - 152
Yan-Kui Song  
AbstractKeywords: Countable compact, cs-starcompact.MSC: 54D20 54G20Zbl: 1199.54149
Some decompositions of semigroups 153 - 158
Petar Protić and Nebojša Stevanović  
AbstractKeywords: Semigroups, semilattice, Archimedean semigroups, externally commutative semigroup.MSC: 20M10Zbl: 1206.20070
$\varepsilon$-approximation in generalized 2-normed spaces 159 - 163
Mehmet Açikgöz  
AbstractKeywords: Generalized 2-normed spaces, $y$-subadditive map, 1-type $\varepsilon$-quasi Chebyshev subspace.MSC: 46A15 41A65Zbl: 1199.41180
$\varepsilon$-approximation and fixed points of nonexpansive mappings in metric spaces 165 - 171
T. D. Narang and Sumit Chandok  
AbstractKeywords: $\varepsilon$-approximation, $\varepsilon$-coapproximation, convex metric space, $G$-convex structure, convex set, starshaped set, nonexpansive map and contraction map.MSC: 41A50 41A65 47H10 54H25
Almost Menger and related spaces 173 - 180
Darko Kocev  
AbstractKeywords: Menger space, almost Menger space, star-Menger space, almost $\gamma$-set.MSC: 54D20Zbl: 1199.54145

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