$\varepsilon$-approximation and fixed points of nonexpansive mappings in metric spaces

T. D. Narang, Sumit Chandok

Using fixed point theory, B. Brosowski [2] proved that if $T$ is a nonexpansive linear operator on a normed linear space $X$, $C$ a $T$-invariant subset of $X$ and $x$ a $T$-invariant point, then the set $P_C(x)$ of best $C$-approximant to $x$ contains a $T$-invariant point if $P_C(x)$ is non-empty, compact and convex. Subsequently, many generalizations of the Brosowski's result have appeared. We also obtain some results on invariant points of a nonexpansive mapping for the set of $\varepsilon$-approximation in metric spaces thereby generalizing and extending some known results including that of Brosowski, on the subject.