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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 57_3-4Date: 2005Journal Homepage

Asymptotic Planarity of Dresher Mean Values 61 - 63
Momčilo Bjelica  
AbstractKeywords: Dresher mean values, asymptotic behavior.MSC: 26E60Zbl: 1105.26019
The Measure of Noncompactness of Matrix Transformations on the Spaces $c^p(lambda)$ and $c^p_{infty}(lambda)$ ($1<P<infty) 65 - 78
Ivana Stanojević  
AbstractKeywords: Matrix transformations, compact operators, measure of noncompactness.MSC: 40H05 46A45Zbl: 1112.46003
Some Remarks About Bounded Derivations on the Hilbert Space of Square Summable Matrices 79 - 85
Ana L. Barrenechea and Carlos C. Pena  
AbstractKeywords: Bounded and unbounded derivations on Banach, $C^{ast}$ or von Neumann algebras; inner and outer derivations; Hilbert-Schmidt operators.MSC: 46H05 46J45 47B47Zbl: 1107.46003
The Voronovskaya Theorem for Generalized Baskakov-kantorovich Operators in Polynomial Weight Spaces 87 - 94
Abdul Wafi and Salma Khatoon  
AbstractKeywords: Voronovskaya Theorem, polynomial weighted spaces.MSC: 41A36Zbl: 1100.41014
Spectral Multiplicity of Certain Gaussian Processes 95 - 98
Slobodanka S. Mitrović  
AbstractKeywords: Gaussian stochastic process, canonical representation, spectral multiplicity, equivalence of Gaussian measures.MSC: 60G12
Limit Theorem for High Level $a$-upcrossings by $chi$-field 99 - 108
Siniša Stamatović and Biljana Stamatović  
AbstractKeywords: Gaussian vector field, Poisson field, $A$-points.MSC: 60G15 60G60
Compact Composition Operators on Lorentz Spaces 109 - 112
Rajeev Kumar and Romesh Kumar  
AbstractKeywords: Compact operator, composition operators, Lorentz spaces, measurable transformation.MSC: 47B33 46E30 47B07 46B70
On Pseudo-sequence Coverings, $pi$-images of Metric Spaces 113 - 120
Ying Ge  
AbstractKeywords: Metric space, $pi$-mapping, pseudo-sequence-covering mapping, $wcs$-cover, $cs^*$-cover, point-star network.MSC: 54E35 54E40Zbl: 1100.41013
On Strongly Pre-open Sets and a Decomposition of Continuity 121 - 125
Chandan Chattopadhyay  
AbstractKeywords: Strongly pre-open sets, $S$-precontinuous functions, $delta$-continuous functions.MSC: 54C10 54A05Zbl: 1120.54308

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