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Front Page Matematički VesnikPublisher: Društvo matematičara Srbije, BeogradISSN: 0025-5165 (Print), 2406-0682 (Online)Issue: 57_1-2Date: 2005Journal Homepage

Algorithms for Triangulating Polyhedra Into a Small Number of Tethraedra 1 - 9
Milica Stojanović  
AbstractKeywords: Triangulation of polyhedra, minimal triangulationMSC: 52C17 52B05 05B40Zbl: 1109.52013
Inequality of Poincare-friedrich's Type on l^p Spaces 11 - 14
Milutin Dostanić  
AbstractKeywords: Poincare-Friedrich's inequality, L^p-spaceMSC: 26D10 35P15Zbl: 1105.26012
A Necessary Condition for the Existence of Periodical Solutions of a Differential System 15 - 17
Julka Knežević-Miljanović  
AbstractKeywords: Periodical solution, differential systemMSC: 34C25Zbl: 1114.34314
On a System of Linear Thermoelasticity With the Bessel Operator 19 - 26
S. Mesloub and S. A. Messaoudi  
AbstractKeywords: Coupled system, thermoelasticiy, a priori boundMSC: 35K22 58D25 73B30Zbl: 1109.35303
Numerical Stability of a Class (of Systems) of Nonlinear Equations 27 - 33
Zlatko Udovičić  
AbstractKeywords: Numerical stability, nonlinear equations.MSC: 65J15Zbl: 1103.65063
A Mapping Theorem on Aleph-spaces 35 - 40
Zhaowen Li  
AbstractKeywords: aleph-spaces, strong compact-covering mappings, sigma-mappings, k-spaces, Frechet spacesMSC: 54E99 54C10Zbl: 1107.54026
The Banach Algebra B(x), Where x is a BK Space and Applications 41 - 60
Bruno de Malafosse  
AbstractKeywords: Infinite linear system, sequence space, BK space, Banach algebra, bounded operatorMSC: 40C05 46A45Zbl: 1112.46004

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