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Front Page Mathematica MoravicaPublisher: Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac, ČačakISSN: 1450-5932Issue: 19_2Date: 2015Journal Homepage

Stability for Nonlinear Neutral Integro-Differential Equations with Variable Delay 1 - 18
Abdelouaheb Ardjouni and Ahcene Djoudi  
AbstractKeywords: Fixed points; Stability; Integro-differential equation; Variable delayMSC: 34K20 34K30; 34K40DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502001A
On a General Class of q-Rational Type Operators 19 - 33
Nurhayat İspır  
AbstractKeywords: q-calculus; rational type operators; A-statistical convergence; weighted spaces; linear positive operatorsMSC: 41A25; 41A36; 40A35DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502019I
An Introduction to Fuzzy Soft Graph 35 - 48
Sumit Mohinta and T.K. Samanta  
AbstractKeywords: Soft set; fuzzy soft set; fuzzy graph; fuzzy soft graphMSC: 03E99; 05C72 03E72DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502035M
On Weak and Strong Convergence Theorems for a Finite Family of Nonself I-asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings 49 - 64
Birol Gündüz and Sezgin Akbulut  
AbstractKeywords: Nonself asymptotically I-nonexpansive mappings; Iterative scheme; Kadec-Klee property; Condition (B); Common fixed pointMSC: 47H10 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502049G
Convolutions Involving the Exponential Function and the Exponential Integral 65 - 73
Brian Fisher and Fatma Al-Sirehy  
AbstractKeywords: exponential integral; convolutionMSC: 33B10; 46F10DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502065F
On a New Subclass of Harmonic Univalent Functions Defined by Multiplier Transformation 75 - 87
Saurabh Porwal  
AbstractKeywords: Harmonic; Univalent function; Multiplier transformationMSC: 30C45 30C50DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502075P
Some New Integral Inequalities via Variant of Pompeiu’s Mean Value Theorem 89 - 95
Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya  
AbstractKeywords: Ostrowski inequality; p-norm; mean value theoremMSC: 26D10 26D15; 41A55DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502089S
Some Fixed Point Theorems for (CAB)-contractive Mappings and Related Results 97 - 112
Arslan Hojat Ansari, Maher Berzig and Sumit Chandok  
AbstractKeywords: fixed point; (CAB)-contraction mappings; binary relations; metric spaceMSC: 47H10 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502097A
Monotone Principle of Forked Points and Its Consequences 113 - 124
Milan Tasković  
AbstractKeywords: The Axiom of Infinite Choice; Zermelo’s Axiom of Choice; Lemma of Infinite Maximality; Zorn’s lemma; Foundation of the Fixed Point Theory; Fixed point theorems; Topological spaces; Forked monotone principles; Brouwer theorem; Schauder theorem; Forks TheoryMSC: 01A55; 01A60; 03-03; 03E25; 0403; 04A25 47H10; 05A15; 54H25DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502113T
Further Inequalities for Power Series with Nonnegative Coefficients Via a Reverse of Jensen Inequality 125 - 140
Silvestru Sever Dragomir  
AbstractKeywords: Power series; Jensen’s inequality; Reverse of Jensen’s inequalityMSC: 26D15 26D10DOI: 10.5937/MatMor1502125S

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